Issue 07



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Wall Street Journal reports: “UBS Group AG’s legal troubles mounted — as a Belgian judge launched a probe into whether the Swiss bank (UBS) helped wealthy clients in the country evade taxes.” VG1-1



Dealbook reports: “A Belgian magistrate judge is investigating whether the Swiss bank UBS engaged in fraud, money laundering and other crimes … UBS acknowledged the inquiry, but it said little more. ‘We take note of various articles in the press, which indicate that an official investigation will be conducted,’ a UBS spokesman said. ‘UBS will continue to defend itself against any unfounded allegations.’ The judicial inquiry came after the Belgian authorities said that they had received “excellent cooperation” from the authorities in France, which has conducted a similar inquiry into UBS’s activities. UBS was placed under formal investigation in France in July 2014 and ordered to post a bail of more than $1 billion after it was accused of money laundering and tax fraud … The investigation in Belgium is not the bank’s first run-in with the authorities in that country. In 2014, Marcel Bruehwiler, the chief executive of UBS’s Belgium business, was charged by the Belgian authorities with money laundering and other crimes after raids at the bank, at his home and at a client’s home. Later that year, the Belgian private bank Puilaetco Dewaay agreed to acquire UBS Belgium for an undisclosed sum.” VG1-2 This is the secretive UBS Group Executive Committee classic condescending defense of their continuous World criminal activities. When when ethical politicians initiate criminal proceedings, UBS then sells their operation only to renew activities when favorable politicians are again elected with UBS assistance. UBS is considered the worldly best at such criminal endeavors. UBS is the Worlds largest Wealth manager for good reason.


BELGIUM GOES AFTER UBS FOR PANAMA PAPERS REVELATIONS. reports: “UBS has also been charged in Belgium for tax fraud and featured among the banks which set up offshore companies that were exposed in a vast leak of documents dubbed the Panama Papers.” VG1-3





Bill Clinton using his fake gesturing in deferring to Tony Blair for UK BBC media.


Telegraph reports: “Documents seen by The Telegraph contain details of Mr Blair’s travels around the world, accompanied by a squad of police bodyguards, flying on private jets and staying in five-star hotels. The files suggest Mr Blair has used identical trips to carry out both private business meetings and talks in his capacity as Quartet Representative to the Middle East – leaving him open to accusations of a potential conflict of interest. … Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative MP said ‘Mr Blair has consistently blurred the line between his official and commercial activities, while his security entourage has incurred huge expenses for the British taxpayer. It is not appropriate for a man who has held the highest office in the land and has been privy to every one of our nation’s secrets to undertake work for a foreign power.’ ” VG2-1  As USA President Clinton, UK  Prime Minister Blair started a dubious  for profit Quartet group  for foreign country speakers/consulting fees while allegedly doing fuzzy non-profit somethings under contract with World Bank.  Reliable  sources say these men  use analogies, metaphors et al  when the foreign government host asks vital interest questions.  This is why Clinton/Blair et al are so popular with UBS et al. This supposedly gives them plausibility of denial.  The host recipients may also get disinformation making them chumps.  We further expect to see copycats from USA, UK et al plying  conflict of interest schemes at taxpayer and national security expense.



Slick Willy Clinton Foundation  promoting Tony Blair Faith Foundation


DNCLEAKS reports: “Tony Blair (aclb) explains to David Hale and Robert Danin how he is trying to put pressure on Kuwait funneling dark money to the World bank through their DC embassy.  The latest is that Kuwait will transfer the funds to their DC account this week and then pay. I know its all roundabout but for reasons I won’t go into, – to do with their internal chaos – they’re bending some budget rules to do this. I’m doing all I can to hasten. They also don’t want publicity over it. By the way one part of our new plan should be an actual agreement with Arabs that they will pay more and sooner!  Kuwaiti money en route but taking time, going to their embassy in dc and thrn world bank, for political reasons. She asked if we can get them to send directly. We’ll try our channels but thought you might be able to help,too.” VG2-2   This  email reveals  how these men operate without fear of criminal prosecution.  There are similar emails regarding UBS!  It is baffling why Blair does not start a secret Blair Prime Minister  Library+ UBS Swiss offshore account where foreign entities could deposit undetected sums.  This could be modeled after the Clinton/Bush/Obama Presidential Library+ offshore account schemes.


Patronage scheme twins playing cozy with USA flag hiding  English humor!


Telegraph reports: “Tony Blair personally asked government officials to keep details of lucrative post-Downing Street advisory work hidden from the public, The Telegraph can disclose.  In a letter sent the year after he stepped down as prime minister, Mr Blair insisted that any contracts he struck on behalf of his new consultancy firm should be kept “confidential” to protect his new clients, including foreign governments and major international companies. Following his intervention, the official watchdog that vets the jobs ministers take up after leaving office quietly agreed to avoid publishing details about Tony Blair Associates that would “attract unnecessary attention”. It never published the names of its clients”.  VG2-2-1 (VB7-1) It was only a matter of time before the inevitable scandal of Blair mimicking the Clinton, Bush, Obama UBS deferred payment scheme was divulged by an honest Parliamentarian.   It has not been divulged by USA Federal Government  that the USA Presidential Team UBS (Clinton, Bush II, Obama) asked USA Federal Government agencies not to divulge UBS AG et al secret asset transfers into undesclosed UBS AG Swiss accounts, for something!


Ex-Prime Minister Blair praying he will not rightfully suffer prison for divulging state secrets et al to confidential clients in exchange for deferred payments, consulting fees, speakers fees, ad nausea.


Tony is attempting to use his influence to keep from influence peddling prosecution. USA triplets may be next up for jail time prosecution. Let us watch them all squirm to obtain a “get out of jail free card” [Monopoly game clichet]. Mr Blair had high value contracts which were not fully disclosed via the government’s committee on business appointments [UK Deep State ACOBA]. Mr Blair has always denied any conflict of interest.  The UK and it’s citizens have immeasurably suffered as USA citizens at the direction of USA Presidential Team UBS.


Blair & Bush pray for quid pro quo deferred payments!


Daily Mail reports: “Former prime minister Tony Blair attempted to keep details of his high paying advisory post secret from the public after he left Downing Street, it has emerged. The ex Labour leader wrote to government officials suggesting they treat contracts involving him and his firm with ‘confidentiality’ a year after leaving Downing Street. Consultancy firm Tony Blair Associates (TBA) had major clients including international companies and foreign officials when it wrote to the government … However, according to the ministerial code the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA) should be informed of all roles for two years after leaving. … ACOBA (UK Swamp) was forced to hand over documents to the newspaper after spending £10,000 resisting a ­Freedom of Information request. … Mr Blair maintains he always followed advice given by ACOBA.  But Mr Blair, the papers show, claimed his being named would ‘attract unnecessary attention’ if contracts were struck between the government and his clients.

In 2008, Mr Blair told the committee he was setting up TBA as an advisory committee and named … Zurich Financial ­Services among his clients. [In April 2012, Zurich Financial Services Ltd changed its name to Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. CEO Martin Senn committed suicide on May 27, 2016. Most of Swiss banking related expediency “suicides” are said to use “suicided” or  “accidented”Swiss for  internal parlance.] There has long been interest in Mr Blair’s activities after he left Number 10 (Downing Street) in 2007.

In 2007 he took a role as Middle East peace envoy, to work as the special representative of the Quartet of international powers (US, EU, Russia and the UN) seeking a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.  Campaigners have accused Mr Blair of cashing in on deals struck while in office – something the former PM denies. The latest correspondence shows the former leader was granted a degree of privacy, which will likely anger his opponents … TBA requests it was listed as giving ‘strategic advice’ and said it was attempting to avoid press attention. The letters would appear to suggest Mr Blair’s calls for secrecy were heard [by UK Deep State]. Much of his work was revealed through newspaper investigations and not declarations.

In February 2009, ACOBA published a note on its website about the work of TBA but it was not detailed.  His work with Mubadala, the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi, and governments including Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates during the two year time frame were not disclosed via ACOBA. ACOBA [UK Swamp]  even assured the former PM [Prime Minister Blair] their notification would not ‘­attract unnecessary attention’ after even seeking advice on his office’s preference for wording.” VG2-2-2 (VB-7-2)

The World is now seeing how easy it can be for other heads-of- state to mimic these Washington  Swamp or Deep State influence peddlers who  willingly sell their USA security clearance access or vital interest information to foreign governments and questionable clients for something.  In the UBS AG Washington scheme,  UBS AG honey pot was too tempting not to join the USA Presidential Team UBS with  UBS shady secret offshore bank accounts. [It is actually USA legal to have secret USA Presidential Library secret offshore accounts with secret donors,  but goes no further.]  We have Presidents Mubarak and his sons of Egypt, Lula of Brazil et al in prison for much lesser crimes than USA Presidential Team UBS triplets or Prime Minister Tony Blare.  If Blare goes to UK prison it will be difficult indeed  for Washington swamp members to justify freedom for the USA Presidential Team UBS triplets.



Financial Times reports: “The Financial Services Authority levies the penalty against the (UBS) Swiss bank for failing to stop employees from making unauthorized trades that cost customers almost £26m.” VG2-3 Is UBS an international criminal network in and of itself? Why does Swiss Government allow UBS to commit unsupervised criminality.



Russia Today reports: “Hayes was accused of being a kingpin of a group manipulating yen Libor by asking rate setters and traders at UBS and several other institutions to move the rates up or down depending on his needs. … He was also accused of encouraging brokers to help him influence other lenders to do the same manipulations or canceling their daily emails saying where Libor should be set on a certain day. Hayes paid his accomplices by a system of wash trades, regarded by the courts as bribery. … Hayes ‘team’ included more than 25 other brokers and traders, seven of whom worked at UBS.” VG2-4


English humor patronage twins, again.



BBC News reports: “Mr Adoboli was released in 2015, but foreign nationals sentenced to more than four years are automatically considered for deportation. … During his trial, Mr Adoboli said that UBS staff had been encouraged to take risks until they got “a slap on the back of the wrist” by senior managers. … UBS was fined £29.7m for systems and control failures related to the unauthorised trading losses.”  VG2-5 Adoboli became the usual “former” UBS employee. If he had not been caught by outsiders he would have risen in the UBS ranks. In essence the UBS Chairmen, Chiefs et al are veteran schemers who were never caught by outsiders. UBS criminal culture continues in UK with a slight fine to be made up from other thefts, like UBS elderly client scams.


UBA Group Executive Board Chief Sergio Ermotti


Fine news reports: “The employees of UBS in London .. almost one in three faces losing his job. That’s at least what UBS boss Sergio Ermotti told «Nikkei» newspaper of Japan … Paris and Luxembourg are other places where UBS has wielded or is about to wield the ax.” VG2-6 UBS generally keeps their salesmen to continue soliciting and recruiting clients.  This means UBS is taking fired salesmen’s clients and giving them to those left.  This UBS ploy makes it look like those left are better than they really are.



Financial London News reports: “Tom Hayes … torments himself with what ifs – Goldman Sachs tried to poach Hayes in 2008 (from UBS) with the promise of a $4.5m signing bonus. ‘I wouldn’t be in prison if I’d moved to GS,’ … laments his inability to push his side of the scandal in the press during the trial, and even claims he was ‘framed’ by UBS … An appeals court rejected that claim but reduced Hayes’ sentence to 11 years … Hayes claims that he was ‘framed by UBS’, the Swiss bank where he worked … Serious Fraud Office, allowed UBS’s own legal team to lead the initial investigation into the Libor scandal. That meant ‘large volumes of evidence remained undisclosed’ … He sees the SFO as a ‘corrupt prosecutor’, and says the strategy of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) was to ‘protect management at all costs [and] pursue junior traders’. … That alliance, he says, ensured the ‘farcical’ process was rigged in an act of ‘mutual self-interest’ that enabled ‘banks and the SFO to prosecute junior traders, protect their own written company policy, senior managers… and national government’ ”.VG2-7




FRANCE DEMANDS SWISS BANK UBS FACE FRAUD TRIAL. (Swiss) reports: “French finance prosecutors have asked for Swiss bank UBS to face trial for allegedly orchestrating a vast system of tax fraud in France … The prosecution requested that UBS (Switzerland) face trial for “aggravated laundering of tax fraud proceeds” while its French branch be judged for complicity in these crimes. It also requested a trial against Raoul Weil, the former head of the bank’s global wealth management business, who was charged with tax evasion and illegally canvassing French customers last year, and three other top-level employees.” VG3-1  It is well known from Raul Weil purposefully turning his valid Swiss passport to the security efficient Bologna Hotel for processing to Weil’s dubious second Ft Lauderdale, Florida USA Federal prosecution was again a joke. Let us not forget the Secretary of State Clinton private meeting with Hillary’s Swiss counterpart. UBS has parceled out money discretely in the traditional something for something schemes.



Wall Street Journal reports: “UBS Group AG has lost a bid to appeal its treatment by France’s legal system at the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled that the Swiss bank hadn’t had its right to be presumed innocent violated.” VG3-2  UBS AG  “encentivises” French citizens to break French offshore tax regulations.


UBS 1 BILLION EURO FRENCH BAIL. reports: “UBS has suffered a setback in a high-profile French court case over hidden offshore accounts for the wealthy in Switzerland. The Swiss bank will have to pay a billion-euro bail as the case proceeds. … The move is a major blow to UBS. The French case is one of the two largest cases facing the bank, besides a mortgage mis-selling probe in the U.S. which is expected to cost billions to settle. The bank has promised richer shareholder payouts once its billion-dollar scandals and probes have been settled. The French case has also spawned renewed scrutiny of Raoul Weil, who ran UBS’ private bank until 2008. The Swiss banker had faced charges in the U.S., of which he was acquitted.” VG3-3  French wisely hold onto UBS to thwart any “missteps” as the two UBS Chairman Weil comical USA Federal sham criminal trials in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. We witnessed it with another 15-23 in the audience who considered it bad theater. It was a case study on how to manipulate a trial.



Reuters reports: “Swiss bank UBS is cutting about 15 investment banking jobs as it scales back its share-trading business in Paris … The (UBS) wealth manager has faced legal trouble in France and was forced to stump up a more than 1 billion euro ($1.13 billion)guarantee as part of an investigation into whether it had helped clients avoid taxes. It is likely to learn soon whether it will face trial in the case. In July Switzerland’s tax agency ordered UBS to provide French authorities with information about its French clients after a request from Paris.” VG3-4  UBS encourages illegal EU offshore accounts because it makes a considerable amount of money  enticing EU citizens to avoid EU member tax laws of respective countries.



Bloomberg reports: “Bertrand Tissier, who worked at UBS Securities France SA for over three years, says his employer sidelined him for no apparent reason … Meetings with his clients such as AXA SA were organized without his knowledge, Tissier said, and he was inexplicably demoted to salesman two months after having risen to the rank of sales account manager, his lawyer, Ivan Hecht, said. … Rather than sidelining him, his supervisors were trying to motivate and manage Tissier, who had started brooding and withholding information, Segeron said, adding that his enthusiasm had dropped.” VG3-5 UBS diminishes employees at the slightest notice of ethical behavior over UBS devious doctrine.



Reuters reports: “The French arm of Swiss bank UBS pledged on Thursday to cooperate fully with French authorities looking into a list of 38,000 accounts held by French citizens at the bank in Switzerland. ‘If there have been mistakes, we will recognize them and pay,’ the bank said. ‘Our interest is that all light be shed on this so that the matter be closed as soon as possible.’ … UBS said ‘very strict control mechanisms are in place at UBS.’ … UBS said ‘very strict control mechanisms are in place at UBS. In this regard, the bank has required for several years that customers show compliance with tax regulations.’ French authorities have challenged the Swiss bank and its French subsidiary on several occasions in tax evasion cases. In June 2013 UBS was placed under formal investigation for illegal solicitation, in July 2014 for aggravated tax fraud and money laundering and in March 2015 for abetting money laundering. It faces a record 4.88 billion euro fine if found guilty in the last case. Its (UBS) French branch was suspected of having canvassed wealthy clients in France to convince them to open bank accounts in Switzerland, which it denies.” VG3-6  This is indicative of the World pattern of UBS criminal denials inculcated within the UBS Swiss mind set. We now see UBS and its forebear’s criminal activities have been pronounce for decades. Oh yes, the only UBS “mechanisms in place at UBS” seem to consistently be those criminal in nature with routine avoidance by denial.



Zacks reports: “UBS has been under investigation by the French authorities on potential charges of illegally soliciting clients in France to open Swiss accounts for hiding undisclosed wealth in the period between 2004 and 2012. Later, the investigation included money laundering charges against the bank. Following the failure of settlement talks on account of UBS’ refusal to plead guilty, the bank was ordered to pay €1.1 billion bail amount in July 2014.” VG3-7 Secretive UBS Group Executive Committee worldly strives to avoid having to admit guilt at all cost. A reliable Swiss source says this is done so UBS can continue without a cloud over their activities when more pliant politicians/bureaucrats are installed at a later date who are beholding to UBS.



Wall Street Journal reports: “Magistrates have placed the French unit of UBS Group AG under formal investigation for alleged witness tampering after a former (UBS) employee filed a complaint against the bank, Paris prosecutors said.” VG3-8  UBS Client USA victims have heard the exact same verbiage of things to come before UBS started purchasing Judges, lawyers and bureaucrats for rigging USA State and Federal Courts in targeted HNW (high net worth) areas. Before defrauding UBS elderly Clients. UBS joined the Utah Industrial Bank cartel giving it capabilities of rigging Judicial procedures against USA elderly exported to Salt Lake City (SLC), in state and Federal court. In Utah State and Federal Courts we have seen a state district court Judges name forged by allegedly UBS lawyers. In Utah we have seen a Clinton appointed USA Federal Judge blatantly lie three times to the Court in order to obtain a judgment in favor of UBS.


Wall Street Journal reports: “Magistrates have placed the French unit of UBS Group AG under formal investigation for alleged witness tampering after a former employee filed a complaint against the bank, Paris prosecutors said.” VG3-9 UBS’s French Unit witness tampering was an attempt by UBS to criminally silence a UBS whistleblower.



France 24 reports: “According to the report, French authorities have already identified 4,782 accounts and are seeking to find the owners of an additional 40,379 accounts. France opened a probe into UBS after former employees blew the whistle over the bank’s alleged system of setting up dual accounts to hide the movement of capital into Switzerland between 2004 and 2012. UBS denies the accusations, arguing that its involvement in such financial operations has not been proven. … UBS has been embroiled in a whole series of similar cases, most notably in the United States where the authorities said the bank used Switzerland’s banking secrecy laws to help rich clients avoid the taxman.” VG3-10  EU and other UBS targets have become energized by the Bush Administration bringing criminal charges against UBS regarding USA tax fraud. It is surprising that for decades EU has coward to do such themselves under threats from the Swiss Government, for known and unknown reasons.


FRANCE FINALLY PROSECUTES UBS. reports: “French finance prosecutors have asked for Swiss bank UBS to face trial for allegedly orchestrating a vast system of tax fraud in France … The prosecution requested that UBS face trial for “aggravated laundering of tax fraud proceeds” while its French branch be judged for complicity in these crimes. It also requested a trial against Raoul Weil, the former head of the bank’s global wealth management business, who was charged with tax evasion and illegally canvassing French customers last year, and three other top-level employees.” VG3-11 France has the second most EU citizens with tax avoidance  accounts in Switzerland.  French tax authorities  lightly enforce French tax laws regarding these undeclared Swiss offshore accounts.



Bloomberg reports: “UBS Group AG suffered a setback in a long-running French tax probe as a court rejected its bid to stop a former executive from striking a plea deal in the case.“ VG3-12 UBS AG Group Executive Board is running out of World international banking credibility.



finews reports: “UBS is in for a tricky time in France, facing a lawsuit based on allegations it helped clients defraud tax authorities. … The French accuse UBS of having helped its clients avoid paying taxes from 2004 through 2012. The bank also stands accused on charges of money laundering.” VG3-13


SWISS MEDIA CORROBORATE SWITZERLAND #1 OFFSHORE DESTINATION FOR NAIVE FRENCH.  IT IS UNKNOWN IF FRENCH REGULATORS ARE COLLABORATIONISTS,  DESPITE THEIR GOVERNMENT HOLLOW PROCLAMATIONS. reports: “It is still the world’s biggest centre for managing offshore wealth at $2.3 trillion … Figures revealed in a Boston Consulting Group report external link published on Thursday put the country ahead of Hong Kong ($1.1 trillion) and Singapore ($900 billion). The Swiss sum is the equivalent of almost one third of all global overseas wealth. The two Asian centres have grown at yearly rates of 11% and 10% respectively over the past five years, compared with the 3% rate of Switzerland. … Large wealth managers including Swiss banks UBS and Credit Suisse are increasingly looking into Asian market because Swiss banking secrecy has been weakened. … The majority of the overseas wealth in Switzerland comes from Germans, the French and the Saudis.” VG3-14 (VB-55)  German and French  Financial Regulators continue mouth off about how they have curtailed secret Swiss offshore accounts of their citizens.  It is untrue and these regulators and the World know it.  It is disgraceful that these European Union members will not enforce their own national rule of law.  It is unknown if German & French  regulators are collaborationists  with Swiss banks by turning a deaf ear and blind eye to citizen offshore crimes, especially with UBS.  It is known sketchy Saudi citizens are becoming the largest offshore Clients of  dubious UBS AG.


UBS AG whistleblower  Stéphanie Gibaud!


Finws reports: “Like in the U.S., where whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld blew the case vs UBS open, the Swiss bank was also implicated by a whistleblower, Stéphanie Gibaud. The former marketing staffer told officials that she was instructed by her superiors at UBS to delete evidence of secret meetings between Swiss private bankers and French clients. … French prosecutors got zero legal aid from Switzerland on the 45,000 accounts it had received from Germany, which had also been pursuing its own probe. … French law, in turn, effectively cut off UBS’ option to seek a quick settlement by admitting wrong-doing and paying a fine – which has been its modus operandi for the Swiss bank on everything from U.S. tax to rigging of benchmark interest rates and foreign exchange trading. … UBS shrunk from settling in France because it would have meant entering a guilty plea. Being stamped as «guilty» of a crime would have given rise to problems in the U.S., where criminally guilty corporations require special waivers to conduct certain types of business. … UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti and the bank’s man for scandals, chief counsel Markus Diethelm (pictured below), didn’t want shareholders to shoulder a billion-euro bail payment. … French trial represents an incredibly delicate situation for UBS: a conviction would set it back in other countries where it has already settled.  Whether the French trial ends in the same disaster for prosecutors as the U.S. trial against Weil remains to be seen.”  VG3-15 (VB-64)  It is unknown how UBS AG gives USA Presidential Team UBS their deferred payments, other than  secret Presidential Library offshore foreign gifts.  UBS AG has a distinct business model for both swindling UBS Clients and foreign governments.  These can generally be seen in issues 3, 4 & 5 pertaining to USA.   The UBS format requires corrupting high political officials with deferred payments to implement  the entire scheme.  We will gladly assist any country with a go-to shopping list guide.  The Swiss are very fastidious about predictably staying the course instructions on these matters.

UBS AG Chief Counsel Markus Diethelm allegedly works with Craig Darvin on UBS Client swindles against USA elderly (see issue 4 &5).  This is a  international  criminal effort of behalf of UBS and their collaborators.



finews reports: “The French state prosecutors and the UBS will clash  … The Swiss bank (UBS AG) and some former employees will face charges of laundering the proceeds from tax fraud, the illegal soliciting of clients and assistance in tax evasion. … UBS is approaching the hearing with a feisty attitude. «After more than six years we will at last have the opportunity of answering the groundless and media-driven allegations», UBS told news agency «AWP».” VG3-16 (VB-65)  The Swiss Government will neither  the French nor any other Government in prosecutions or recouping UBS  criminal gains through several swindle business models.  All World governments should scrutinize  herein issues 4&5 to see UBS AG swindling format.  In USA the Swiss Bank UBS AG  implements their crime spree by giving deferred payments to Clinton, Bush II and Obama to take no action, among other things.  Within the USA the UBS crime sprees  have hurt  USA  elderly UBS Client  victims predominately.



Finews reports: “Jean-Frédéric de Leusse has run the UBS’ business in France since prosecutors accused the Swiss bank or criminal wrong-doing. … The conclusion of the criminal trial hasn’t quelled interest in the case. The Swiss bank is accused of tax evasion and money laundering in a case which could cost more than 5 billion euros ($5.7 billion). … De Leusse doesn’t expect the Swiss bank to lose its license in France … analysts expect appeals to the proceeding to drag on for months and possibly years”. VG3-17 (VB-66)  From information and belief, de Leusse is attempting to play both sides in hope of a light sentence if an elite  aided UBS AG connivance is not accepted by sans-culottes (masses).



Finews reports: “The criminal trial … could end up costing the world’s largest wealth manager a multiple of the 1 billion euro ($1.15 billion) it has already had to pony up in the long-running probe into its activities in France. … The legal team representing Switzerland’s largest bank is headed by the Swiss bank’s head lawyer Markus Diethelm, and supported by the crème de la crème of France’s judicial expertise as well as in-house litigation lawyers who have assisted UBS in the tax disputes with the U.S. … Diethelm, who represented UBS a decade ago in its long-running tax dispute with U.S. state prosecutors, is now tasked with again protecting his, and the bank’s, reputation. … Amongst the eminent lawyers representing UBS are Jean Veil, well known in the French high society … As a former president of elite Parisian club Le Siècle, Veil is well connected to politicians … This elite French club counts not only leading business figures amongst its members, but also former presidents and cabinet ministers. … For UBS and Diethelm, it is to be hoped the same people will be able to judge it 10 years later. Since UBS hasn’t been able to set aside substantial provisions ahead of the process, the case could turn out to be very costly for shareholders. VG3-18 (VB-67)   UBS AG has found Washington much more pliable. UBS allegedly created the USA Presidential Team UBS now consisting of Clinton/Bush II/Obama. Despite severe cajoling, President Trump will not join the dubious Team and thus will not be bribed by the UBS AG quid pro quo deferred payment scheme that has handsomely rewarded the triplets. UBS AG also has the use of USA Chairman Robert McCann as a member of the Wall Street secret society Kappa Kappa Phi. From information and belief, UBS AG has been able to successfully utilize these entities to swindle UBS Clients, especially the elderly.





An astute John Cryan as Deutsche Bank CEO remembers UBS!


finews reports: “Has Deutsche Bank head John Cryan quietly extracted revenge on his former employer UBS … Financial Times» (behind paywall) offers two possibilities: either Cryan is still angry at the Swiss bank’s poaching of Ravi Raju and Anurag Mahesh, prominent Asia private bankers, last year and frozen out his former employer as a sort of revenge. … The more likely explanation is that Cryan – who spent years as a (UBS) financial institutions banker and still regularly visits corporate clients – is exercising a shrewd tit-for-tat.” VG4-1  A  highly respected reliable financial source in USA has said the financial trade is getting sick of UBS international antics and is waiting for a crescendo like to provide the umph.


UBS picket sign in German.


  GERMAN PAID SWISS SPY SELLS UBS  DOCUMENTS. reports: “Switzerland has charged a former employee of the country’s largest bank UBS with allegedly selling German authorities the files of wealthy clients suspected of tax evasion, officials and media said on Tuesday.  The man is accused of violating banking secrets, according to Switzerland’s public ministry, as well as involvement in espionage and money laundering. … In recent years, UBS has been repeatedly targeted by authorities on both sides of the Atlantic. ” VG4-2  Germany has the most Swiss tax avoidance citizens accounts in Switzerland.  Even though Germany prides itself on thoroughness, it has tax regulators that are indifferent to illegal unreported German hidden Swiss offshore accounts.


Thomas Rodermann as head of UBS Europe


Finews reports: “The German business of UBS posted yet another loss last year. Switzerland’s biggest bank now promises that there won’t be any more disappointments in Europe’s biggest market. … The importance of achieving profitability had been impressed upon Rodermann not only by the group [UBS AG Group Executive Board!] but equally so by the banking regulator.”  VG4-3  It looks like Rodermann will be blamed and made a former UBS senior staff member for the ethical failures of UBS AG Group Executive Board.  Rodermann has to fix past ethical breaches while consolidating under Europea Union declarations.  When will UBS AG rot at the top take blame for their World “missteps”.



Bloomberg reports: “Prosecutors in Germany carried out searches in connection with an investigation of about 2,000 UBS Group AG clients on suspicion of tax fraud, extending a series of probes into its customers that stretch back at least five years. … In France, UBS is going to trial in a tax-fraud case that could leave it open to a fine of as much as 4.9 billion euros from the French government. The bank, which posted a 1.1 billion-euro bond to cover any potential penalties three and a half years ago, is going to court after settlement talks with French authorities broke down over the size of the fine.” VG4-4 Germany & France finally mimic USA by collecting UBS  fraud fines but chase down UBS perpetrators.  Clinton/Bush II/Obama allowed UBS rot at top go free if they continued their USA Presidential deferred payments to them.


UBS AG Barbara Rupf Bee


UBS is losing several high-ranking bankers in its German private banking arm. The departures come a mid a reorganization under new head Barbara Rupf Bee. If Thomas Rodermann hoped to bring more calm to the Swiss [UBS] bank’s German operations by hiring Barbara Rupf Bee to run onshore wealth management arm, he was mistaken – at least for now. The restless boss of UBS Europe spent past months in years structuring the Zurich-based bank’s regions in Germany and shutting branches, in a bid to bolster profits. For example, Rodermann promoted Till Keulen from head of wealth management in northern Germany to overall head of the affluent and high net worth arm in the country. Keulen has left UBS … The affluent head isn’t the only exit in Germany: portfolio management head Christoph Hott has also departed. … he held a key role between clients and private bankers. UBS didn’t comment on the circumstances of either departure.
Amid the turbulence, UBS is on the way to reporting profits in Germany, a market in which Swiss banks have long struggled with break-even.” VG4-5  Similar to China, UBS AG  is relying upon new rich to bolster it’s German accounts.  This UBS AG whimsical strategy will invariably end tragically in both instances.


SWISS MEDIA CORROBORATE SWITZERLAND #1 OFFSHORE DESTINATION FOR NAIVE GERMANS.  IT IS UNKNOWN IF GERMAN REGULATORS ARE COLLABORATIONISTS,  DESPITE THEIR GOVERNMENT HOLLOW PROCLAMATIONS. reports: It is still the world’s biggest centre for managing offshore wealth at $2.3 trillion … Figures revealed in a Boston Consulting Group report external link published on Thursday put the country ahead of Hong Kong ($1.1 trillion) and Singapore ($900 billion). The Swiss sum is the equivalent of almost one third of all global overseas wealth. The two Asian centres have grown at yearly rates of 11% and 10% respectively over the past five years, compared with the 3% rate of Switzerland. … Large wealth managers including Swiss banks UBS and Credit Suisse are increasingly looking into Asian market because Swiss banking secrecy has been weakened. … The majority of the overseas wealth in Switzerland comes from Germans, the French and the Saudis. VG4-6 (VB-55)  German and French  Financial Regulators continue mouth off about how they have curtailed secret Swiss offshore accounts of their citizens.  It is untrue and these regulators and the World know it.  It is disgraceful that these European Union members will not enforce their own national rule of law.  It is unknown if German & French  regulators are collaborationists  with Swiss banks by turning a deaf ear and blind eye to citizen offshore crimes, especially with UBS.  It is known sketchy Saudi citizens are becoming the largest offshore Clients of  dubious UBS AG.




GREECE RAIDS UBS EXECUTIVES HOME TO UNCOVER SWISS TAX EVASION. reports: “Greek tax investigators have raided the house of Christos Sclavounis, the former head of investment banking for UBS. … This is the second UBS related raid to date in Greece. … list included a number of members of ‘well-heeled upper echelons of Greek society – (who are) able to spend Christmas in villas in Gstaad in Switzerland and summer at sea in luxury pleasure boats. … UBS says that Athens has not informed them about the latest raid. … But the bank (UBS) has been eager to suggest to the media that they have been unfairly targeted of late.” VG5-1 UBS is finally being being prosecuted by Greece for criminality. Greece desperately needs the the money for debt else UBS would probably be allowed to continue their criminality with Greek insiders.



Financial Times reports: “Mr Sclavounis was UBS’s head of investment banking in Greece … The Greek investigation is based on account information from UBS’s Geneva branch contained on a CD that German authorities bought in 2012 and subsequently shared with Athens. By cross-checking account numbers and dates of birth on that list with domestic records of transfers abroad, Greek investigators compiled a list of 1,000 suspected tax evaders. … Investigators are also probing the role of UBS and its bankers. They hope to access more account information from UBS’s offices in Zurich161616 and Lugano and also its operations in Luxembourg and Singapore. … UBS has spent the past decade contending with the fallout from its complicity in tax evasion. … UBS bankers worked to encourage clients in countries such as Greece to use the bank’s financial secrecy services, which typically involved setting up front companies, numbered accounts and trusts.” VG5-2  Again, we see UBS aiding and abetting tax evasion while obfuscating government investigations.




UBS FAILS OLDEST WORLD BANK RESCUE BID. reports: “UBS missed out on millions in fees when long-time client Monte dei Paschi passed over the Swiss bank for a rival rescue bid from U.S.-based J.P. Morgan – a major setback in a traditional strength for the Swiss bank’s financial institutions group. … It is UBS’ showcase: the lucrative business of advising the world’s largest financial firms on their mergers-and-acquisitions strategy under star banker Andrea Orcel. … UBS Loses Out To little avail, it ultimately emerged: U.S. investment bank J.P. Morgan and Mediobanca stole a march on the Swiss bank (UBS) with a plan which includes a 5 billion euro cap hike – larger than what UBS was thought to have been proposing – and 6 billion euro in bridge financing. … As a result, UBS will miss out on several million in investment banking fees that J.P. Morgan is expected to rake in for putting together the rescue package.” VG6-1 Italy’s 544-year-old Monte dei Paschim is the world’s oldest existing bank. UBS recently bragged of it’s strong relationship with Monte dei Paschim but the UBS relationship has primarily ended.



Reuters reports: “Milan Italian bank Monte dei Paschi plans to appoint a new chief executive in the next few days to lead a 5 billion-euro ($5.6 billion) capital raising which is needed to stave off the risk of the world’s oldest bank being wound down.”  VG6-2  UBS collaboration was terminated as well as the prior chief.





Financial Times reports: “UBS, the Swiss bank, was accused of ‘serious failure’ by Luxembourg’s financial regulator over its custodianship of a $1.4bn fund that funneled money into Bernard Madoff’s alleged $50bn ‘Ponzi’ scheme. The regulator ordered the bank to pay compensation, saying the ‘poor execution of its due-diligence obligations constitute a serious failure of its surveillance role as a depositary bank.’ ” VG7-1  Master Criminal UBS Chairman created this continuing UBS reign of terror within the USA elderly community. UBS AG Chairman Weil sought out devious swindle schemes within the USA with uncanny efficiency. Be it UBS AG owned Utah Industrial Bank aliases, UBS AG offshore USA recruitment, USA elderly targeting that include raiding elderly private clubs and retirement homes, Bernie Madoff partnership, etc, etc, etc; UBS AG international financial swindles will continue to go unpunished. Dirty hands UBS AG will continue to be given an escape portal allowing their donor recipients to accept UBS AG plausibility of denial from investigation/prosecution. UBS will continue to have a USA Charter. We do not refute reality. We are just corroborating and consolidating UBS AG continuing USA criminal violations. There are now interested international media asking our assistance before the soon UBS Chairman Raoul Weil trial in Ft Lauderdale Federal Court.





Daily Beast reports: “Rather, the lawyer himself was put on trial in 2013 and found guilty posthumously of tax evasion, along with his client, William Browder, the London-based CEO of Hermitage Fund, in a farce of judicial theatre condemned by all major governments and the Council of Europe as politically motivated. … (USA) Congress passed the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act, which forces the U.S. president to publish a register of all known assailants or beneficiaries of the fraud. … Instead, according to the U.S. government, in February 2008, two separate Moldovan bank accounts belonging, respectively, to two Moldovan companies —Bunicon and Elenast — both of which had received some of the Magnitsky money, transferred $942,700 into one of Prevezon’s Swiss banks. The transaction was processed by Citibank and UBS Stamford through the Southern District of New York.” VG8-1  Moldova citizenry have been the victims of numerous criminal asset shifting schemes involving political operatives and Swiss banks. Under the USA Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes  these successful schemes have  never fully been prosecuted using excuses  like “to big to jail, to big to fail, get-out-of jail-free cards, ad nausea.   Clinton/Bush have been receiving deferred payments while Obama is all set up to receive his deferred payment cash from prior UBS Chairman Robert Wolf’ and his 32 Advisors Washington lobby/consultant firm.





Huffington Post reports: “Kevin Abikoff, a partner in the corporate law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed who lectures around the world on anti-corruption enforcement declared Unaoil to be generally compliant with bribery laws … Abikoff’s findings helped KBR and Unaoil continue their lucrative partnership.The due diligence report also gave Unaoil, a Monaco-based middleman, credibility with other companies … Unaoil’s internal emails … showed Unaoil paying government officials millions of dollars to win business around the world. Some of these emails have Unaoil and KBR employees corresponding in coded language … A respected U.S. lawyer (Abikoff) with an expertise in international corruption law had essentially cleared Unaoil as a responsible business partner. … Unaoil later referenced Abikoff’s findings as an indication of Unaoil’s reliability. … Abikoff emailed Ahsani the engagement letter to formalize a working relationship between Unaoil and his law firm. … Abikoff and Hughes Hubbard were hired to advise Unaoil on anti-corruption best practices. … Monaco police raided Unaoil’s offices and the homes of its directors. The Serious Fraud Office, which is now looking at Unaoil alongside the Australian, U.S. and Iraqi governments, had suggested the raid.” VG9-1  It takes a criminally devious and repugnant man to disavow all ethical principals he was paid to teach others. We believe Abikoff will be absolved of his crimes by his cronies . Abikoff should not be confused with Abrimoff who committed similar Washington based crimes while feigning religious convictions. Abrimoff was allowed by USA Federal Court and prosecuting Justice Department to wear a hat at all times to cover his Jewish Orthodox yarmulke he besmirched.



Kevin Abikoff  has USA Anti – Corruption & Anti Bribery Certification!


Attorney Kevin T Abikoff
Hughes Hubbard, Partner
Washington, DC

Areas of Concentration

Chairman, Anti-Corruption and Internal Investigations Practice Group
Securities and White-Collar Criminal Litigation, Enforcement, Regulation and Counseling with an emphasis on the representation of corporations, individuals, and other entities in anti-corruption (including FCPA) matters (investigations, due diligence, and counseling), securities and insurance litigation, regulatory, enforcement and arbitration proceedings, particularly class action litigation, securities disclosure counseling, and designing and implementing insurance and securities compliance policies, procedures, and programs.
World Bank Group and other International Financial Institutions sanctions matters.
Corporate Governance conducting internal investigations, counseling board committees, and designing and implementing corporate compliance programs.

Professional Activities

Super Lawyers, Criminal Defense: White Collar
Faculty member, TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation Program
Steering Committee Member, ABA International Law Section, Anti-Corruption Committee
Current Member, Certification Committee of ETHIC Intelligence International, Paris, France

Board of Directors, Holocaust Museum (Houston)
Board of Directors, Greater Houston Business Ethics Roundtable




SWISS COURTS FORCED TO RELEASE UBS CLIENT DATA , PERHAPS! reports: “An interpretation of the double-tax agreement between Switzerland and the Netherlands has found that it is sufficient to provide enough information to identify the relevant people,» Switzerland’s federal court wrote in a decision made public on Monday. The decision, which reverses an earlier ruling and upholds the Swiss tax office’s decree to hand over the data, will set a precedent over how far foreign states have to go in getting secret client data out of Swiss banks. … That the names don’t explicitly have to be mentioned follows from the double-tax agreement, which ensures ‘as  broad an exchange of information as possible in tax matters without allowing the states to conduct fishing expeditions’,” VG10-1  Swiss Government has deviously interceded favorably on behalf of UBS as recently as the Clinton quid pro quo. We expect future Swiss Government UBS covert collaboration to the detriment of UBS stockholders and clients.



Finews reports: “UBS is pulling out of the onshore business with wealthy Dutch clients and has also agreed to a cooperation deal with the buyer of the local unit.  UBS, Switzerland’s largest lender, will stop catering for the rich Dutch clients onshore. … The transaction includes clients’ assets worth 2.6 billion euros, the staff and services and products of UBS in Holland, a unit of UBS Europe SE based in Frankfurt. … UBS is currently reorganizing its business in Europe.” VG10-2  How many “parts”  does UBS have left.  Those UBS clients with UBS offshore dormant accounts should be worried.  UBS clients involved in the UBS  offshore   alleged art scam manipulations should be very worried.





President Putin says: “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon…. the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

Mr. Putin has described private ownership of strategic industries with the Russian word to roost. “A chicken can exercise ownership of eggs, and it can get fed while it’s sitting on the egg, but it’s not really their egg.”  This is no yolk!  The USA Government  expresses private ownership in relatively the same way.    From information and belief, USA IRS is said to have a department that determines tax thresholds to base the maximum tolerances that can be taken from various private owners before they become upset. These “limits” are believed to be subject to confidential Congressional approval.


RUSSIAN OFFSHORE MONEY IN SWITZERLAND! reports: “It is well-known that the wives and children of Russian oligarchs prefer to live in peaceful Switzerland. The country is not part of the EU or NATO, it is neutral, and its banking system, even considering the impending demise of the fabled Swiss banking secrecy, is nonetheless still a cut above others in terms of the quality of services provided and its long-standing experience in managing private fortunes. … International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published data (2015) … Russian clients, holding a total of $1.7 billion, ranked 35th on the list in terms of the overall volume of deposits. The list includes details of 740 clients from Russia, who had opened 1,560 bank accounts.  Journalists from the Russian-language business daily Vedomosti analysed the Russian part of the list, but did not find any top government representatives or major political figures there. However, there were a fair number of government officials and managers of state-owned companies and banks, some of whom had also opened accounts for their relatives. The investigation is complicated because more than 40% of the Russia-related accounts are numbered accounts. This means that they are identified by a number rather than the name of the depositor, thus ensuring maximum confidentiality. Some 35% of such accounts in the Geneva division of HSBC are associated with Russia. A further 25% of “Russian” accounts are linked to offshore companies (the average stands at around 15%).” VG11-1 A Russian government change would make it problematic for Russian numbered account holders from ever seeing their assets again.  Swiss banking regulators and in particular UBS AG have devious herein mentioned  tricks to permanently separate account holders from their Swiss entrusted assets.



President Putin & Saudi Prince Bandar


Crescent reports: “Bandar bin Sultan, the most venal character of the House of Saud, was in Moscow early last month but his offer to buy $15 billion worth of Russian arms to get Vladimir Putin to change his policy on Syria was rebuffed. … What is likely to take place after Bandar’s trip to Moscow is serious discussion by the Russian political and intelligence establishment on how to settle scores with the Saudi regime due to its indirect ideological, financial and military support for takfiri groups in the North Caucasus.” VG11-2  It is doubtful that the Chechen takfiri Russian wars, New York 9/11 World Trade Center and Chechen Boston Marathon Bombings would have taken place without the Saudi Arabian Royal Family support.     Putin has conviction by repulsing Bandar bribes.  Perhaps he was  thinking of all those Russian military as well as  Russian and  Chechen civilians who have been killed by Saud Family financed Chechin rebels.  Clinton/Bush/Obama have no such convictions about 9/11 and Boston Marathon USA civilian victims  of Saudis and Chechens.   These USA Presidents and their collaborators  have willingly accepted deferred payments from both  the Saud Family and their government.




21Wire reports: “Saudi Arabia also secretly offered Russia a chance to ‘control the world’s oil market’ in some type of strategic alliance between OPEC and Russia, and to ‘safeguard’ Russia’s present and pending gas contracts in the Mediterranean – but again, only if Russia washes its hands of the Assad regime in Syria. … Bandar is not only ‘good friends’ with Tony Blair, he is considered the closest of family friends with the Bush family, as well as involved in their global defense and construction powerhouse the Carlyle Group. His involvement in the destruction of Syria came as quite a revelation to some back in January, but with the evidence already piling up about NATO’s own Fast and Furious-style illegal weapons transfer into Syria via Europe – it’s little wonder now how the West and the Gulf kingdoms have been coordinating their efforts to destabilize and collapse the Syrian nation-state.”  VG11-3  Bandar’s stick was the unleashing of the Chechen takfiri rebels against Russian citizens.  Chechens are mostly financed by the Saudi Arabian Royal Family interests.



New York Times reports: “Prince Bandar famously defended corruption in the kingdom (Saudi Arabia).  ‘If you tell me that building this whole country, and spending $350 billion out of $400 billion, that we had misused or got corrupted with $50 billion, I’ll tell you, ‘Yes,’” he said. “But I’ll take that anytime.’ ” VG11-4 Bandar is an engaging man who truly believes corrupting willing USA Presidents is a okay.  The problem is it is a un-prosecuted crime in the USA.  Clinton/Bush/Obama continue to sell  inalienable rights of USA  citizens by continuing to accepting deferred payments from the likes of  the Saud family and UBS.  USA citizens voted for Trump for this and alike  reasons.


Prince Bandar’s successful USA Presidential patronage for something  goes way back.



SOTT Signs go the Times) reports: “Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria. … Prince Bandar, head of Saudi intelligence, allegedly confronted the Kremlin with a mix of inducements and threats in a bid to break the deadlock over Syria. … The talks appear to offer an alliance between the OPEC cartel and Russia, which together produce more than 40 million barrels a day of oil, 45 per cent of global output. Such a move would alter the strategic landscape. … As-Safir (Lebanese media) said Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord. ”I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the Games are controlled by us,” he allegedly said. Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on and off. ”We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.” VG11-5 Does this Prince Bandar statement mean Chechen rebel altercations against Russians  in prior confrontations were controlled by the Saud Arabian Government?




PowerLine retired case officer anonymous Jones reports: “CIA intelligence reporting stating that the Russian government hacked the presidential election in order to elect Donald Trump is false. It is merely a political attack against Donald Trump with the goal of delegitimizing his presidency. The depth and quality of the CIA reporting are too good to be true. … The reporting instead reflects the political opinions and agendas of bureaucrats. … Most bureaucrats retire and become contractors, wheedling contracts from their pals still at the CIA. I hear many tales from colleagues about waste, theft, and great riches accruing to phony contractors.”  VG11-6  Things are a changin. – Dylan  It would be easy for establishment media to validate or dispel Mr Jones’s  serious accusations,  if it felt so inclined.   Although,  it has been an open Washington secret that strategic GS bureaucrats upon retirement would become consultants for those outside contractors they dealt with as a GS bureaucrat.   We do not support some of  Mr Jones remarks but  establishment media refuses come forward and disprove these serious criminal accusations. Mr Jones should be held liable if his statements  are  untrue beyond any reasonable doubt.  What gives!


Hollywood Oscar joke using Putin as initiator.

Hollywood Oscars La La Land  looser/winner mixup Putin joke.


Russian USA Treasury holdings Chart from 2009 > May 2018.


The dollar has lost almost half its purchasing power since 1990. For more than a hundred years, the USA Treasury Department has created inflated dollars while destroying the wealth of World savers through inflation throughout the World. (It is common knowledge World elderly put USA $ under their mattress or other hiding place for wealth safety.) This perceived security was enabled by USA dollar (herein $) being pegged to oil prices and thus the World must purchase oil with the USA dollar. March 2018 China created the gold backed yuan to purchase oil. This will allow the World to separate from the USA $ when buying oil. This very likely will causally initiate a USA $ inflation resulting in a marked loss of USA $ value. As China’s yuan gains international trust the World will be inclined to move away from the USA $ based on intangibles in favor of the Chinese yuan based upon gold.

We do know both China, Russia et al readers are acutely aware of how USA Presidential Team UBS triplets (Clinton, Bush, Obama) have allowed the decimation of USA elderly accumulated earnings entrusted to UBS (see issues 4, 5 and issue 6, VF4 Puerto Rico). In consideration, UBS AG has given the Presidential triplets transparent and opaque deferred payments. It was with deep irritation when President Trump would not join the USA Presidential Team UBS in the UBS elderly USA client swindle. President Trump has been  considered an enemy by USA Presidential Team UBS, UBS AG and their collaborators. The World is continuing to see the Presidential triplets and UBS use their collaborators to diminish President Trump’s positive World agenda. Meanwhile, USA elderly UBS Clients continue to suffer from UBS swindles based upon UBS mantra of target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot. It is sad.



Daily Mail reports: “A US Treasury report released on July 18 shows that Russian holdings of Treasury securities declined by 84 per cent between March (2018) and May (2018), down to just $14.9 billion from March holdings of $96.1 billion. … Russia’s financial sector, including some top state banks, are essentially barred from US capital markets by the sanctions. A new round of sanctions took effect in April, targeting 24 Russian oligarchs and 12 related companies, in response to accusations of ‘worldwide malign activity’ by the Russian government. … China remains by far the largest holder of US Treasury securities, holding $1.18 trillion at the end of May. Japan is second, with $1.06 trillion.” VG11-7  When China starts selling it’s considerable USA Treasury securities there should be dramatic and perhaps permanent repercussions with a crashing USA $. The question will then be to see if the USA plan C works.




EU SHAMED COUNTRIES PLAYING CATCH-UP WITH USA ON UBS TAX AVOIDANCE AND OTHER SCHEMES. reports: “Spain’s tax authorities have made an official request to Switzerland for information on UBS bank account holders in Spain … The Spanish request to Switzerland’s tax agency follows similar requests from France and the Netherlands earlier this year.” VG12-1 The USA IRS investigation into UBS criminal activities of soliciting and recruiting USA clients for the UBS Swiss offshore tax avoidance“perfect experience” embarrassed European countries. USA IRS succeeded in cowering Swiss government authorities. Before that event the EU countries had coward to Swiss opaque banking directives. Now it is a game of catch-up to USA!




2 CAUGHT IN WASHINGTON/TURKEY PAY-TO-PLAY   INFLUENCE PEDDLING BRIBES. reports: “The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports: “A mysterious Turkish organisation gave a former U.S. homeland security adviser a $400,000 contract to improve public perceptions of Turkey, deepening questions about the country’s attempts to influence U.S. politics and the limited transparency surrounding them. The contract—with a firm run by Douglas Baker, the son of Republican grandee James Baker—forms part of more than $3 million-worth of U.S. lobbying contracts linked to Turkey … Unlike Flynn, Baker registered his contract promptly in the Department of Justice’s list of Foreign Agents According to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), any U.S. citizen doing “political or quasi-political” activity on behalf of a foreign entity is legally obliged to inform the DoJ and disclose details of their work. … Concerns about foreign money and influence in the US have been growing since the start of the Trump administration … Project on Government Oversight said that vaguely worded statements about the purpose of lobbying contracts typify filings made with the foreign agents’ registry. Though compliant with the law, such filings “leave the public a little bit in the dark about what exactly they’re doing and what US policies they are trying to influence,” she said. The law governing the registration process—the Foreign Agents Registration Act—does not require lobbyists to file much information about who is contracting them, she pointed out.” VG13-1  Like other stressed countries Turkey becomes desperate and thus open to Washington bribe solicitations.    Clinton/Bush/Obama and their collaborators like UBS and the Saud family could not pass the smell test regarding  FARA compliance.   President Trump is off to a good start by putting a stop to baksheesh, bribes or other forms of USA presidential graft so prevalent  during  Presidents Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes.  By far their collaborators  UBS and the Saud family stand out as the most  overt  at  avoiding USA criminal prosecutions, despite corroborating documentation.