Issue 04


It is said one can judge a country by the way the government treats their vulnerable elderly citizens.  Do they defend them from predators like UBS AG of Switzerland?  Under Clinton, Bush II & Obama UBS deferred payment scheme the answer is no.

Palm Beach County Circuit Court senior citizen looting victim Helen O’Grady .


Palm Beach Post reports: “The savings of incapacitated seniors flow into the household of Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Martin Colin. This occurs courtesy of Colin’s wife – Elizabeth “Betsy” Savitt.  She serves as a professional guardian, appointed by judges to make decisions for adults who no longer can take care of themselves. Savitt makes her money off the nest eggs of the elderly, many suffering from dementia and put in guardianships in the same Probate & Guardianship Division where Judge Colin wields considerable influence. (see VD-17, VD-18) His fellow judges approve Savitt’s fees. Savitt has taken money from the elderly people whose lives she controls without first getting a judge’s approval as well as double-billed their accounts, a Palm Beach Post investigation has uncovered in court records. Families of some of the seniors say the judge’s wife and her attorneys drum up unnecessary litigation that runs up fees, benefiting herself, the judge and her lawyers. Savitt doesn’t appear before her husband, but Judge Colin does oversee other guardianship cases where he is responsible for safeguarding the finances and well-being of these “wards” of the court. Colin’s colleague, Circuit Judge David French who lunches with him regularly, has overseen almost two-thirds of Savitt’s cases. Some lawyers who have opposed Savitt in Judge French’s courtroom say he didn’t disclose that Savitt is the wife of a fellow judge or his social connections to the couple. … Families say they watched slack-jawed as Savitt, 60, and her lawyers siphoned the wealth of their loved ones. They feel they are rendered powerless by judges who rule repeatedly for the judge’s wife. Families fighting Savitt say Colin’s colleagues allow her and her attorneys to pursue what critics of guardianships call “staged litigation” – pursuit of unnecessary legal issues to run up fees. …   Colin has been allowed to remain in probate under Peter Blanc and Jeffrey Colbath, chief judges since Savitt became a registered guardian four years ago. While other judges rotate, Colin hasn’t been moved out of the south county courthouse since at least 2008. … Judge Colin and his wife have socialized with one of the judges she appears in front of regularly, The Post has learned. Colin and Circuit Judge David French eat lunch together nearly every day.  Colin and French co-hosted a trivia night in May for the South Palm Beach Bar Association. … French did not return repeated attempts for comment.” VD-1 Florida Judiciary allowed Honorable Judge Colin not to Circuit  as an alleged Circuit Court Judge.  This facilitated Judge Colin & collaborators to run an alleged elderly estate looting scam.  UBS has been utilizing this scam by looting their UBS Client estates not in Florida and other USA states and territories as  Puerto Rico UBS Client victims (see issue 6,  VF-4).



We have seen how UBS has given known quantities of deferred payment money  to  recent USA Presidents and their closest political appointees through an assortment of speaker/consultant and other money laundering fees.  In consideration for UBS deferred payment largesse, USA Presidential Team UBS members Clinton/Bush/Obama and their  political appointees  have  allowed UBS to swindle USA citizens without fear of USA Federal prosecution.  They are currently attempting to target, solicit and recruit  President Trump into their midst using carrots and sticks.  These Presidential regimes have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear towards USA elderly  inalienable rights in favor of UBS documented criminal activities against the elderly victims.  One of the more ghoulish UBS quid pro quo payback schemes  is the theft of USA elderly estate wealth through a series of sophisticated schemes with slightly  customized variations for each elderly victim.  The UBS mantra is  to target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot in order to obtain the “UBS perfection experience”.  UBS has had no fear of USA  Federal criminal conviction.  This unholy alliance is starting to cause havoc throughout the displayed USA elderly enclaves targeted by UBS.  USA elderly UBS clients are being criminally sacrificed by this small cadre for mutual profit.  This is to  change with an aware Donald  Trump Presidency, unless he capitulates to the USA Presidential Team UBS.  A reliable banking source has said several top international bankers have expressed their concern regarding the known volatility and questionable World activities of the UBS AG (Swiss) Group Executive Board.  Eunice Gardiner’s below and additional story is precisely the UBS manifesto of  target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe  and loot.  There is an archived paper trail corroborating the entire life episodes leading  to Eunice’s unfortunate end..

The “UBS perfection experience” promised by UBS was customized  with aftermath Eunice Bailey Oaks Gardiner alleged body disappearing for approximately six months to allegedly either drain her body while deterring autopsy  (loot) or more ghoulish reasons.  She was kept  away from her friends and desired Palm BeachTowers  residence (isolate) et al.  We will let readership fill in the deliberate below mentioned actions of the perpetrators into the various UBS categories.  Again, it is still questionable that Eunice is in fact buried under a small plaque in Easthampton, NY.



Eunice Bailey Oaks Gardiner

USA HEIRESS & INTERNATIONAL SOCIALITE WIDOW EUNICE GARDINER’S BODY DISAPPEARS IN UBS SALESMAN’S CUSTODY! reports: “Eunice’s UBS salesman had absolute sole control over UBS Client Eunice Gardiner’s body before and after her death. According to the Quattelbaum Funeral Home spokesperson, the corpse was shipped to New York at the authorization of Eunice’s UBS bond salesman but something happened to it somewhere. An investigator has said it disappeared for up to six months. No independent party has been able to find out where the Eunice corpse was during that interval of time. We do know UBS/Gunster allegedly feared exposure of any Episcopal Church intercession into their scheme. Others have said that Eunice had a reliquary next to her bed during her waining years. We do know Eunice emphatically wished to be buried within the Palm Beach Bethesda Episcopal Church columbarium with a substantial bequeath given to the Church. Upon several occasions Mallard took Eunice over to walk in contentment through the Church gardens and look at the columbarium. She frequently said she would lay in repose at Bethesda Church forever near her friends. We do know the Church was allegedly cut out of Eunice’s new will favoring UBS, Eunice’s UBS salesman  and Eunice’s initial controversial wills/trusts  legal partner at Gunster Yoakley West Palm Beach law firm.  There are ghoulish rumors now being bandied about in Palm Beach, Florida as to what somebody was doing with Eunice’s body during that interval of disappearance. Some authoritative individuals suspect she was overdosed or otherwise murdered which would necessitate the body being rotted with time to get rid of the evidence.  Others were initially told she moved to Coronado, California. Still others are wondering if Eunice Gardiner’s body is in fact buried under the small plaque in Easthampton.” VD-2 There was too much disinformation exposed.  We have more documentation on this horrid episode initiated upon Florida elderly by UBS and it’s collaborators.



A Eunice Gardiner’s inconspicuous flat plaque to the left allegedly noting her grave as Joyce. Research has shown Eunice never used the name Joyce on any documents until the perpetrators started using it. No one knew who Joyce was but for the perpetrators, not even her Canadian and English family. We do know her family has noted a letter J on her birth certificate. The body may have to be dug up to see if it is in fact Eunice Gardiner in customary repose.  Perhaps this will lead to other startling discoveries.



Eunice was twice widowed with no children.   Eunice had vast Gardiner Island  Family’s Robert L Gardiner  and Sir Harry Oaks Family’s son Pitt Oaks respective husband’s wealth bequeathed to her.   Eunice Gardiner was put under excessive mind altering ovarian cancer drugs  during the flurry of wills/trusts and various other Eunice Gardiner asset movement documents  foisted upon her.  These court document manipulations were created in favor of UBS, Eunice’s UBS salesman, UBS salesman’s wife and a Gunster Yoakley Daniel Hanley law firm partner (see during those last few months.



Investment News reports: “A four-man team of advisers from UBS Financial Services Inc. who manage $277 million in assets with trailing-12-month production of $2.5 million has joined the Palm Beach, Fla., complex of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. … UBS last week (on or about July 18, 2011) returned the favor, hiring Merrill Lynch broker James H. Maloney (Mahoney) to work in it’s Palm Beach office.  According to the firm, he managed $329 million in client assets and had trailing-12-month production of $1.9 million.” VD-3  Let us not forget bond broker Mahoney allowed Eunice Gardiner’s Merrill Lynch account to be looted by UBS June 10, 2011 while still working for Merrill Lynch. How did Mahoney allegedly allow UBS to siphon $1,000,000 from Eunice’s Merrill Lynch account?  Let us not forget Eunice Gardiner died July 29, 2011 believing she was still a Merrill Lynch bond client.




Eunice Gardiner died July 26, 2011. Judge Diana Lewis of Palm Beach County Courthouse August 5, 2011 signed James H Mahoney Jr and Daniel A Hanley as “duly qualified” personal representatives of Eunice Gardiner’s estate. From information and belief Mahoney/Hanley deviously did not divulge many issues precluding them from being “duly qualified”. Judge Lewis was not dutifully told that UBS salesman and allegedly ex-bartender Mahoney solely handled all of Eunice Gardiner’s investment portfolio.  Judge Lewis was not told Hanley was recently involved in Court declared swindling of Gannet Publishing heir McAdam’s  estate (see  Controversial Daniel Hanley used his home address in the Eunice Gardiner Court documents avoiding mention of his position as a Gunster Yoakley wills trust lawyer dealing with Eunice Gardiner’s will. This creates a facade against any Court record scrutinizing eyes. Like most Florida Judges, we have found Judge Lewis a highly competent Judge with a large docket of cases. Customarily, if there are no opposing parties Judges do have to scrutinize cases in depth. Unfortunately, the Mahoney/Hanley appointments started a causal chain of suspect events leading to the alleged looting of the $147,000,000 Gardiner’s Island Family estate.




UBS has committed blatant conflict of interest if not criminally taking advantage of an elderly drug addled Eunice on her death bed. From information and belief Eunice was being given medication more than  the power of heroin. This is further compounded with UBS, a UBS salesman and his family isolating as well as controlling Eunice the last months of her life. James H Mahoney even spent the last hours at the foot of Eunice’s deathbed.  We see above that Stephanie Mahoney was given ownership of Eunice Gardener’s estate and its contents by trustees UBS salesman and husband James H Mahoney and Gunster Yoakley lawyer Daniel A Hanley. We see that these two men were appointed Eunice Gardiner’s “duly qualified” personal representatives by Gunster lawyer Alexander Woodfield. Eunice’s UBS salesman  James H Mahoney’s wife even own Eunice Gardiner’s death bed and perhaps ghoulishly sleep in it.




May 19, 1977 Eunice Gardiner signed the above notarized document. There have never been any notarized or other documents signed by Eunice Gardiner as Eunice Joyce Gardiner until on or about the time UBS Trust Company, N.A., Co-Trustee of the Eunice Joyce Gardiner Terminating Trust U/A was created. Please note the consistency of the Eunice Gardiner signature. We will see in UBS/Gunster wills/trusts documents created weeks before her death an erratic signature in the name of Eunice Joyce Gardiner.




June 10, 2011, as Amended, UBS Trust Company, N.A., Co-Trustee of the Eunice Joyce Gardiner Terminating Trust U/A is a highly technical financial vehicle. A UBS reliable source has said it is common for UBS to use these confusing documents on the USA elderly. N.A. (Netherlands Antilles) has a procedure allowing UBS to put a tombstone advertisement in a local paper regarding the ownership of a UBS Client victim UBS created trust. If no one of standing answers the advertisement in Netherlands Antilles the trust is immediately converted to UBS AG bank ownership.  UBS is skilled at converting UBS Client accounts into there own throughout the World, with the use of dubious UBS created documents.*  Please note Eunice Gardiner died a painful death with ovarian cancer on July 29, 2011. This questionable UBS Trust document was created a month before her death when Eunice was taking heavy mind altering medication initiated approximately March 2011 . She was vulnerable, isolated and controlled by an an alleged ex-bartender UBS salesman who moved into her house.  Eunice Gardiner was not of sound mind when signing the many sophisticated UBS/Gunster wills/trusts documents thrust in front of her at Gunster Yoakley. As we see below, Eunice never used a name of Joyce on any notarized or other documents before the taking of mind altering medication in or about March 2011. Eunice was directed by UBS/Gunster to sign all documents thereafter using Joyce as a middle name.

*We have seen documented evidence of UBS taking UBS Client Mallard’s more than $1,000,000  entrusted assets shifting them between various UBS companies and offshore wire transferring them to UBS AG (Switzerland). This was done without the USA Federally mandatory consent of UBS Client Mallard and USA Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The USA Federal IRS political appointees over the sentiment and advice of IRS professionals would take no  action against UBS.



Palm Beach DailyNews reports: “The victim (Helga Marston) suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and has been living at the Lourdes Noreen McKeen assisted living facility in West Palm Beach since February 2013. On March 18, 2013, the victim had been evaluated by a doctor, who concluded she had ‘zero’ mental capacity. The doctor said the woman ‘was unaware of her surroundings and described it to be as if she was placed on another planet’. Tsai, 66, is a former interior designer and founder of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. She is the ex-wife of the late billionaire financier Gerald Tsai … Nancy Tsai was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail 1 p.m. Tuesday on first-degree felony charges of exploitation of more than $100,000 from an elderly person and grand theft of more than $50,000 from a person over 65. She was released on a $30,000 surety bond at 8:30 p.m. A call to her attorney, Joseph Atterbury, was not returned by deadline. … (UBS) Financial adviser Dennis T Melchior, Tsai’s boyfriend, acted as broker for the victim’s trust account while employed at UBS Financial Services. He was fired from UBS Palm Beach on April 22, 2013 for failing to tell UBS management of his relationship with Tsai. Although Melchior’s financial broker’s license had been revoked, Tsai added him as an investment adviser to the victim’s trust account and paid him $7,500 monthly since June 2013, according to the affidavit. … Melchior has not been criminally charged. … The police investigation into Tsai was triggered by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) investigation of (UBS financial advisor) Melchior.” VD-4  UBS Wealth Management Representative Dennis T Melchior was UBS salesman/financial advisor to UBS widower Client victim Helga Marston not his girlfriend Nancy Tsai. It is unknown how many fees or account assets UBS had taken out of UBS Client victim Helga Marston’s estate.  It is unknown who told FINRA about the UBS alleged scam.  FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) as the largest private securities regulator in the USA says: “Our chief role is to protect investors by maintaining the fairness of the U.S. capital markets.” From information and belief FINRA is a paper tiger supporting the interests of the regulated like UBS at the expense of the client victims.  Since FINRA took no action UBS, UBS salesman/advisor and other collaborators were allowed to go free as well as keep UBS Client victim Helga Marston’s looted estate.


UBS Financial Services salesman/advisor Dennis T Melchior to UBS Client Helga Marston and his girlfriend Nancy Tsai.



The Toronto Globe & Mail reports: “Born in Barrie, Ont., she was known as Nancy Paul when she started the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in 1986 and became a socialite legend on the fund-raising circuit. … Ms. Tsai has been living in Palm Beach following her marriage and 2006 divorce from the late Wall Street fund manager Gerald Tsai. According to records at the Palm Beach courthouse, on Wednesday Ms. Tsai was charged with two felonies: one count of exploitation of an elderly person and one count of grand theft from a person over 65. … The alleged victim is Helga Marston, a World War Two refugee from Romania whose husband, the investment banker Hunter Marston, died a decade ago. … police began the investigation four months ago. That was when financial regulators raised concerns about Dennis T Melchior, a UBS Financial Services broker who worked for Ms. Marston and was also Ms. Tsai’s boyfriend. According to the affidavit, Ms. Marston opened a UBS trust account in 2011 and granted her long-time friend power of attorney, later naming Ms. Tsai as a trustee of the account.” VD-5  It is doubtful a timid FINRA will ever take any further action against UBS or UBS Client victim Helga Marston’s UBS Wealth Management salesman/advisor other than suspending the UBS salesman/stock broker’s  license.  Again, USA Attorney General Holder and his former Assistant Lanny Breuer are on public record giving UBS immunity from investigation and prosecution.  UBS AG is custodian of the Obama Presidential Library+ secret foreign donor numbered accounts, among other things.


Helga Marston



Bloomberg reports: “Weil gave subordinates at UBS incentives to increase their business with U.S. clients, knowing that they were violating the 2001 agreement to identify customer names, prosecutors alleged in the November indictment. In 2002, Weil and other executives hid from the IRS the results of an internal audit that showed the bank wasn’t meeting the terms of the agreement, according to the November indictment.” VD-6 Not covered in these media articles is the fact that UBS has not been investigated, prosecuted and gets to keep the elderly UBS Client’s estate looted through the UBS Financial Advisors. Documents were given to an unknowing UBS Client Mallard by UBS showing UBS unilaterally wire transferred offshore his accounts to Switzerland. Mallard and Gardiner accounts are but two with documented UBS offshore statements, shown in this newsletter. If Mahoney is outed he will most probably follow the UBS/FINRA Melchior punishment scam. FINRA will most probably take Mahoney’s license away, UBS will then fire him while UBS will be allowed to escape yet another criminal violation and keep the Gardiner’s Island Family estate loot. Mahoney will yet be another small player victim in the UBS continuing USA criminal violations saga. Time and again, UBS is constantly hiring salesmen to repeat their alleged criminal process against recruited clients, especially the elderly.



Ripoff Report reports: “The large display ads appearing weekly in the Wall Street Journal, by the New York City Office of World Wide UBS Ag Bank, are quite inviting…’At UBS, we know managing wealth means responding to changes in the market, the world and your life…we consider the perfect time to assess where you are headed as an ongoing conversation called, “You & Us.’ My 91 year old friend and elderly patient, Lester Wilken, of Laguna Woods, CA, trusted UBS to manage all his wealth in the Zurich Bank. … (Wilkins) was so blinded with Macular Degeneration he depended on the eyes of UBS executive director … His Zurich manager, Claude E. Ulmann, informed him, “It is better for me to fly a UBS Power of Attorney to your home in CA (Laguna, California) to arrange the trust … he (Wilkins) furnished us the address of Claude Ulmann so we could request he transfer the $250,000 trust fund he assured Wilken was in place in our name. … Wilken’s … died … The UBS Law firm in Zurich then informed me (heir) they would not honor my UBS Power of Attorney even though Claude E. Ulmann was still employed as one of their executive directors in wealth management … Ulmann not only failed to send papers for the trust transfer, he never provided us with the account number or interest earned or mailed a bank statement showing the balance. … The Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Administrator of National Banks, Houston, Texas, simply informed us my case was assigned the case # 586634 … by Customer Assistance Group, but no assistance has been forth coming.” VD-7  A pattern is clearly discernible in UBS giving money to the Utah Symphony allegedly for favorable Salt Lake City State and Federal Courthouse treatment. Giving donations to Senator/President Obama through UBS Chairman and custodian Obama Presidential Library+ secret offshore numbered account for foreign donations for immunity from USA Federal investigation/prosecution. All the while, the UBS elderly clients get the shaft. When will UBS ever loose their USA Charter to stop this reign of terror?


UBS southeast USA regional director Brad Smithy is left.  UBS customer is center.  UBS Price senior  vice president Craig Price is right.

UBS DIMINISHES SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT PRICE WEALTH MANAGEMENT  IN RETALIATION FOR WHISTLEBLOWING ON MELCHIOR ET AL. reports: “Craig D. Price also charged that UBS violated federal law by failing to file Suspicious Activity Reports with the government after he told managers that the colleague and his girlfriend—the former wife of legendary financier Gerald Tsai—were using her power of attorney over the UBS-domiciled trust account of an “extremely wealthy” childless widow in her nineties (Helga Marston) to advance UBS’ image and her paramour’s career by patronizing and sponsoring charitable events in the Palm Beach area with the client’s money. … The lawsuit liberally cites names of the top brass of UBS’s U.S. wealth management unit. In early 2013 Price notified Brad Smithy, then a complex manager and today one of three division directors at the firm (UBS), of his suspicions that colleague Dennis Melchior and his girlfriend Nancy Tsai were raiding the elderly client’s trust account. He made the allegations after reviewing how credit card and account transaction statements of the trust correlated with Melchior’s business calendar, the lawsuit said. The broker allegedly documented six charitable events sponsored or supported by UBS in the first quarter of 2013, including purchasing a table at a ball held at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, and found “many instances of events to benefit UBS directly or to benefit Melchior….which were authorized by Ms. Tsai” and paid from the trust account, the lawsuit said. He sent details in an email to Smithy, with a copy to UBS Private Wealth Management head John Mathews, the lawsuit said.  When UBS fired Price on February 29, 2016, his complex and branch managers said the “decision to terminate his employment went all the way to the top, to Tom Naratil, the new President of UBS Americas, Inc.,” according to the lawsuit. … The lawsuit did not directly explain why Price’s charges would be so inflammatory to the firm. …  UBS discharged Melchior in April 2013 for loss of “management confidence” relating to conflct-of-interest concerns involving a trust account, according to his BrokerCheck history. The lawsuit said the firm never amended Melchior’s U-5 termination filing to “accurately reflect his financial exploitation” of the elderly investors. Melchior, who the lawsuit said was promoted by UBS in January 2013 and authorized by Smithy to move from Price’s office to a Palm Beach branch, is currently an independent registered investment adviser”.  VD-8  UBS is on record within issues 5 & 8 of using similar tactics throughout the USA wealthy enclaves. You will there see incidence formats are more complex containing other UBS collaborators who are recruited to insure success. UBS sucks out of USA 29% of it’s World profits, somehow!


UBS picketers

US was initially created to protect Florida senior citizens from white-collar crime. is so upset at UBS taking advantage of the elderly through predatory banking/broker dealer practices they continue to sporadically picket. This group has not used the media exposure for their picketing, yet.   It is a good bet they would receive media international attention. Some signs read:







Florida elderly are angered Presidents Clinton/BushII/Obama and political appointees would not take any action against UBS criminal activity against elderly UBS Clients, for some reason.



Financial Times reports: “UBS seeks to deny duty over Madoff funds. UBS sought to absolve itself from any duty to safeguard investor assets in a $1.4bn fund that channeled money into Bernard Madoff’s alleged $50bn Ponzi scheme. The Swiss bank used an agreement that denied it was responsible for the assets – even though its marketing documents claimed it would be.” VD-9 Recidivist UBS will never end its sleaze and resulting US crime wave? The UBS client victims list is allegedly longer than that of UBS business associate Bernie Madoff.


Bernie Madoff & UBS


Associated Press reports: “Luxalpha board member Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet committed suicide last month when he lost $1.4 billion (euro1 billion) that he had invested with Madoff. Both Luxalpha and Luxinvest were promoted by Swiss bank UBS.” VC-10 Time and time again UBS denies complicity only to be found out later. How long is this going to go without prosecution?


Bernie Madoff’s head!


Financial Times reports: “UBS, the Swiss bank, was accused of ‘serious failure’ by Luxembourg’s financial regulator over its custodianship of a $1.4bn fund that funneled money into Bernard Madoff’s alleged $50bn ‘Ponzi’ scheme. The regulator ordered the bank to pay compensation, saying the ‘poor execution of its due-diligence obligations constitute a serious failure of its surveillance role as a depositary bank.’ ” VD-11 Master Criminal UBS Chairman created this continuing UBS reign of terror within the USA elderly community. UBS AG Chairman Weil sought out devious swindle schemes within the USA with uncanny efficiency. Be it UBS AG owned Utah Industrial Bank aliases, UBS AG offshore USA recruitment, USA elderly targeting that include raiding elderly private clubs and retirement homes, Bernie Madoff partnership, etc, etc, etc; UBS AG international financial swindles will continue to go unpunished. Dirty hands UBS AG will continue to be given an escape portal allowing their donor recipients to accept UBS AG plausibility of denial from investigation and prosecution. UBS will continue to have a USA Charter. We do not refute reality. We are just corroborating and consolidating UBS AG continuing USA criminal violations.


UBS SPONSORS PALM BEACH ART SHOW  HONEYPOT TO SOLICIT & RECRUIT WEALTHY SENIOR CITIZENS! reports: “UBS spent millions of shareholder and Swiss taxpayer bailout money to finance an art show fete for the wealthy of Palm Beach. UBS created another honey pot scheme similar to the UBS Miami Basil Art Show. During the first night gala UBS gave wealthy senior citizens Champaign, caviar and other foods meant for the likes of Madam Pompadour, all at the expense of the UBS stockholders and Swiss taxpayers. We were present to this fete and interviewed people who loved all the sumptuous activity but could not figure out why UBS was squandering so much money.  It seems UBS insinuated operatives were mentioning the fact that off-shore accounts are available but one would have to email, call +41 44 298 32 32 or visit the new UBS secured Nassau, Bahamas building for consultations.    UBS is continuing to circumvent  and flaunt USA Federal law.  UBS is not allowed or estopped from talking  about such wealth management capabilities in the United States at this time. A Palm Beacher said: ‘I feel sorry for the Swiss people paying millions in taxes for all of this luxurious food and huge art show for Palm Beach.’ Another said: ‘My family lost money to Bernie Madoff who did business with UBS. It is disgusting watching UBS officers swill down expensive food, at least Madoff had class.’ Yet another said: ‘I heard the Swiss government is paying UBS to host this party for the rich of Florida. I am glad I don’t pay Swiss taxes.’ At this very moment 52,000 UBS recruited US wealthy citizens are having their identity betrayed by UBS.” VD-12 It does not take much to connect the dots.



Brilliant Inventor Ty Warner cut down by UBS


Huffington Post reports: “These are just a few of the details about Ty Warner, the billionaire creator of the Beanie Baby, revealed in a document filed last week by Warner’s lawyers aimed at reducing his sentence for tax evasion. … Warner, 69, admitted in October that he failed to report income from a UBS account in Switzerland. He plans to pay a $53.6 million fine, according to Bloomberg and faces a prison sentence of up to five years.” VD-13  From information and belief, UBS turned in Warner to enhance the UBS position with Congressional oversight. One can see a UBS pattern of turning in UBS Clients and various entrusting others for USA criminal violations initiated by UBS.  UBS “rot at the top” gives deferred payments to recent USA Presidents Clinton and Obama to keep their USA “get out of jail free card” while UBS client victims are treated harshly by Presidential appointees.



Bloomberg reports: “UBS Client Mary Estelle Curran, 79 pleaded guilty … ‘but there are a significant number of mitigating circumstances in this case,’ one of her attorneys, Nathan Hochman, said … Zurich-based UBS, the largest Swiss bank, was charged with conspiracy … admitting it aided tax evasion … (Curran) who lives in Palm Beach, faces 30 to 37 months in prison under her plea agreement. … Curran, who had a high school education, inherited an undeclared UBS account in 2000 after the death of her husband of more than 40 years, Mortimer … ‘Her husband was in complete control of their finances until he died,’ said Hochman, a former assistant attorney general who oversaw the Justice Department’s tax division. “This was a woman without any financial background at all, none. When her husband passed away, she had no idea how much money there was at UBS.” The case is U.S. v. Curran, 12-cr-80206, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida (West Palm Beach).” VD-14 Reliable UBS source has said this is about pressure from Congress upon Holder and UBS to show their resolve! What better sacrifice than UBS Client Mary Estelle Curran with only a high school education who completely relied upon her husband for finances and then UBS. UBS Client Mary Curran still drives a 2006 Toyota Corolla with manual windows. This was supposed to be an easy betrayal of a UBS Client by UBS. It was not.



Mary Estelle Curran


Fortune reports: “Mary Estelle … Curran was supposed to be a showcase take down of users of Swiss bank secrecy, a whopper indictment involving a well-heeled resident of Palm Beach, Fla., who failed to report to the IRS that she held $43 million at UBS, the Swiss bank giant … a sympathetic judge last Thursday gave Curran five seconds’ probation and excoriated the prosecutors … Judge Kenneth Ryskamp of Federal District Court in West Palm Beach, even urged prosecutors to seek a presidential pardon for Curran, a homemaker who said she had relied on advisers and rushed to disclose the accounts she inherited from her deceased husband. … Unbeknown to Curran, UBS had turned over her name to the IRS three weeks earlier … Unlike other tax evaders indicted in recent years, Curran did not add money to the accounts, receive cash in paper bags, use secret credit cards, skim profits from businesses, arrange sham loans, or make extravagant purchases. She still lives in the house, with green and white Formica kitchen counter tops, that she and her deceased husband bought in 1982 … Ryskamp said … government decided they wanted to make a felon out of this woman.” VD-15 A reliable UBS source said UBS and USA Attorney General Holder wanted a media case to show resolve after pressure from Congress. It was decided elderly UBS Client Mary Curran would be an easy mark, the perfect target. Unfortunately for UBS and Holder, an attentive Judge Kenneth Ryskamp saw through the setup UBS ploy. By suggesting an Obama Presidential pardon of UBS Client Mary Curran, the Honorable Judge intimates that he knows who was behind the ploy. Obama/Holder/UBS AG needed a media UBS Client sacrifice for Congress. How many UBS scams are needed to be exposed before UBS looses it’s USA Charter?


Elderly  charge UBS office for their money!



UBS  increased the size of their offices and put the UBS logo onto the 440 Royal Palm Building. UBS has attempted to distance themselves from UBS trained ‘incentivised’ UBS salesmen by making them independent contractors, like strip clubs to strippers. This is said to allow UBS senior staff  ‘plausibility of denial’ while continuing illegal acts. A UBS reliable source said UBS has lined up several Palm Beach elderly Madoff/UBS victims for the UBS ‘perfect experience’. One of these elderly women is known to be confined to a nearby elderly home. It is unknown how UBS continually gets into private non-profit facilities to recruit elderly patients.   Most of those in Palm Beach recruited by Madoff/UBS were members of Temple Emmanuel and/or the Palm Beach Country Club. All have  attempted to claw back their estate accounts.


UBS deferred payment scheme bipartisan recipient USA Presidents Team UBS triplets   pose with their mouths open while taking a breather from sucking on the UBS deferred payment tit.



Below are but a few UBS internet complaint listings within the USA.   Clinton/Bush II/Obama all joined the UBS scheme of “take no action” against UBS AG or senior staff by providing UBS “rot at the top” with “get-out-of-jail-free cards”.   Among other things but not necessarily all, each of these Presidents are receiving consideration mostly in the form of deferred payments and Swiss secret offshore accounts  from UBS.   USA Congress  has allowed secret UBS Swiss offshore Presidential library accounts+ to attract foreign donors.    Reliable sources have said foreign donors  fear  prosecution by their own countries if this UBS scheme  were ever exposed by  international media.   The Middle  East long standing joke is to ask a potentate how much they have given towards Clinton/Bush II/Obama USA “Presidential pyramid” libraries. The victims of this charade initiated by President Clinton and UBS are generally USA elderly citizens who became UBS clients victims through UBS coordinated deceit. We have recently seen the ramifications of the UBS mass swindling of UBS elderly clients in Puerto Rico (Issue 5). This UBS occurrence contributed to the Puerto Rican bankruptcy plight. We see depictions of Clinton/Bush II/Obama holding hands, hugging and other forms of affection for they know President Trump could easily do his job and have them prosecuted. Mubarak of Egypt. Lula of Brazil et al have been criminally prosecuted for much less theft than those involved in the UBS cabal against USA elderly targeted citizens. When will President Trump allow forthright Attorney General Sessions to prosecute these men and their collaborators.



New York Times reports: “We try and protect New Yorkers from those who would do them harm,” Mr. Schneiderman said during a recent interview in his Manhattan office. “The biggest threat to New Yorkers right now is the [Trump] federal government, so we’re responding to it.” … How far Mr. Schneiderman is willing to go in taking on Mr. Trump could define his political career, particularly in a blue state where disapproval of the president is high. … Mr. Schneiderman would say little about his potential role as a criminal prosecutor in relation to the Trump administration, except that he hoped it would not come to that. … we’ll do whatever we can do to see that justice is done,” he said. … Regarding Mr. Schneiderman’s myriad legal filings, the White House referred questions to the Justice Department. … “The federal court system is not a substitute for the legislative process,” said Devin M. O’Malley, a spokesman there. “The Department of Justice will continue to defend the president’s constitutional and statutory authority to issue executive orders aimed at securing our borders, protecting U.S. workers, promoting free speech and religious liberty, among many other lawful actions.” VD-16  Eric Schneiderman is believed to have known of the New York Wills & Trusts lawyer scams but took no action.  Eric finally quit when accused of brutality towards  women.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

AG Schneidermin could speak with forked tongue. Why did he allow the continuing estate thefts in New York and Florida.  What is extent of political donations from UBS and their collaborators?

We have had elderly Heuguette Clark estate scandal where she was disappeared under an assumed name in a New York City Hospital until her  100th year death. Whereupon, known participant keepers demanded an unknown confidential settlement from her estate.

The Ted Ammon Easthampton, NY $18,000,000 estate was looted with $2, 000,000 remnant left for the victimized two children.

Kevin J Collins, Southampton, NY entire estate of $40,000,000+ allegedly looted by Curtis Mallet partner  whereupon the  Attorney General’s office did not take any action. During the same interval, Curtis partner took wife Louis Collin’s $20,000 jewelry hidden in her closet and immediately converted it into  cash using her sales slip. Curtis Mallet Partner allegedly told jewelry store manager Louis Collins was dead and thus no longer needed the jewelry.  After Louis got out of the far away Mt Sinai Miami hospital she walked down Worth Avenue whereupon she saw her jewelry in the window of the jewelry store.  She went in to a frightened manager that had been told she died by the Curtis Mallet partner.  We have all receipts and other relevant documents to the whole sordid scheme.  Schneiderman’s office took  no action against Curtis Mallet partner despite irrefutable evidence receipts,documents et al.    Curtis Mallet Law partner made his children and successor children trustees of Kevin J Collins estate with one managing all cash, in perpetuity.  New York Attorney General’s office would take no action.  All incriminating documents are available on a confidential internet site  similar to our format.  The Curtis Mallet lawyer gave wife Louis Collins $2o,000 per month for living expenses of three homes where she cried and finally said “It is God’s will.”.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman


There was part of the Robert L Gardiner Estate [Gardiner’s Island] $147,000,000 estate assets that at least one of the New York swindlers gave AG Eric Schneiderman’s  political  donor office  for an expected  run for Governor.  We do not know what happened to the cash after AG Schneiderman resigned for  molesting women.  During this interval  the “in play”  Gardiner estate cash was also allegedly used as seed money for a substantial New York once only heroin deal through Turks & Cacaos connections.   A reliable  source area  contractor said everybody in drowsy Providential knew of the operation from  spotters hired by local operators.  The contractor said  local crime figures  have surveillance spotters at the airport and docks.  In one incident during this episode,  a black private jet landed at the Providential airport with two thought to be USA Agents in black  suites  and  black sunglasses looking like actors out of central casting Ghost Busters film exiting.   This is said to have caused much laughter in Providential before the mysterious two alleged Agents left the airport.    Allegedly the seed money part was  reimbursed to the Gardiner estate asset pool upon the windfall heroin sales profits.  It was said to be a once only hush hush operation.  We know  no more nor have we any documentation  or pictures about this episode.  The contractor has since left Turks & Cacaos and is said to be living in USA.   It is public knowledge  there were  numerous New York area overdoses with  this high quality heroin, including actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman.   Hoffman  was interviewed by a television network and spoke extensively about the rampant sale of high quality heroin incident before he himself succumbed to his own overdose.

The Robert L Gardiner estate remnants from the New York venue  were then transferred  to infirm wife Eunice Bailey Oaks Gardiner who had been  urged to purchase a remote  domicile in  West Palm Beach, Florida.  Eunice did not drive and was dependent upon others.  Eunice wanted to be with her friends Brownie, Doris and others living at Palm Beach Towers.  Eunice  purchased a condominium in the building which included a restuarant, hair stylist et al.  It has everything a woman needs inside the substantial water view building.  At the very time, some of the Florida UBS collaborators were in the midst of being adjudged negatively by a jury for swindling the Gannet heirs (see  Eunice  was isolated  as much as possible from her Palm Beach condo and friends.  An ex-bartender turned Merrill Lynch/UBS bond broker  assigned to an infirm Eunice Gardiner moved into   her remote house with his family. This is said to be an un-prosecuted  USA Federal offense.  Among other things but not necessarily all, Eunice’s name was also changed to mimic another  unrelated nearby Eunice Gardiner’s  who had  recently died.  Eunices Palm Beach friends were told she had moved to the San Diego, CA  area.

A Long Island Judge concerned about the Gardiner estate disposition has called New York lawyer estate swindling collaborations a reprehensible Long Island Judicial cottage industry eroding USA rule of law.  One has only to look at the aftermath of all these incidents to see who the winning swindlers were, although it is unknown how the loot has been  divided.  Among other incidents  but not necessarily all, Daniel Hanley and  UBS are now co-trustees of Eunice Gardiner Foundation they set up.  Daniel A Hanley and his Gunster law firm are clearly depicted in a similar series of acts against  the Gannett publishing heirs alarming case (see as perpetrating  defendants.


Daniel A Hanley partner at Gunster Yoakley, West Palm Beach, Florida


Law.Com reports: “A unanimous panel of the 4th District Court of Appeal upheld a $1 million legal malpractice judgment against the law firm Gunster Yoakley & Stewart awarded to the heirs of the Gannett newspaper fortune.   The case arose from a dispute over the estate of Charles V. McAdam Jr., a wealthy Palm Beach, Fla., resident who was married to Sarah Gannett — daughter of Frank Gannett, the founder of one of the largest newspaper chains in the country. His two sons sued Gunster, shareholder Daniel A. Hanley and JPMorgan for breach of fiduciary duty, constructive fraud, civil conspiracy and unjust enrichment. On Wednesday, the 4th DCA panel, in an opinion written by Judge Mark E. Polen, said the “plaintiffs showed that their father’s intent, as expressed in his will, was frustrated by the negligence of Gunster Yoakley and that, as a direct result of such negligence, their legacy was diminished.   Attorneys for two sons of McAdam could not be reached for comment. Gunster Yoakley did not provide comment by deadline Wednesday. The firm’s attorneys, Louis Mrachek and Alan Rose of Mrachek Fitzgerald and Rose in West Palm Beach, did not return phone calls seeking comment. “ VD-17   UBS & Gunster partner Daniel A Hanley are now in control of the Robert L & Eunice Gardiner estate said to be worth $147,000,000 before questionable known and unknown depletions.


Palm Beach County Judge Martin Collin

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA JUDICIAL PROFILE! reports: “Judge Martin Colin above is an example of many judges who oversee conservatorships and guardianships in America today. They get away with it because the victims are defenseless and easy targets. … This is just the tip of the iceberg of millions of dollars stolen by criminals wearing black robes of shame and lawyers who prey on the elderly and defenseless…. This is how dishonest judges who are really criminals get away. They resign and hide under a rock. While they should be arrested and jailed and publicly punished. Back in the day they stoned them or hanged them to instill fear. Today they run away with huge benefits and salaries getting hired by other county or legal firms. … The stench emanating from Probate courtrooms all over the country, and especially the largest and wealthiest counties in Florida is overpowering to everyone but the Judges who oversee the system and the lawyers and predatory guardians they shield from criminal prosecution.” VD-18  Reliable sources; including a retired Palm Beach County  Judge, USA Federal Judge  and sundry honest lawyers who are concerned about the blatant UBS Palm Beach incursions similar to Puerto Rico (see issue 6, VF4).  In essence, all of these reliable sources say any judge or lawyer on the Broward or Palm Beach County Judicial food chain who does not “get along, go along” is  summarily disciplined by ostracism (see issue 5).  This behavior is said to have really intensified with President Clinton and UBS collaborations.



We have compiled below a list of UBS victim complaints, especially UBS elderly victims.  Remember the UBS salesman mantra is solicit, recruit isolate, control, dupe and loot.   The UBS Client then can receive the UBS “perfection experience”.  Let us not forget the USA Presidential team UBS received deferred payments from UBS during their tenure, for something.