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Swiss Government and UBS are both the same. — Bradley Birkenfeld UBS whistleblower

UBS International Banker Bradley Birkenfeld


This UBS AG (Swiss) criminal system went well in the USA until UBS senior official Bradley Birkenfeld exposed it to international media.  It could not be further hidden by the Clinton/Bush II/Obama political operatives.   Washington terms like damage control and plausibility of denial were bandied about by “swamp” and “deep state” operatives.  It was decided to figuratively  “kill the messenger” Birkenfeld by imprisoning him.”  USA President Obama”s Attorney General Eric Holder  continued to allow other UBS rot at the top senior officials no jail time for their continuing criminal activity within the USA, for something.  Remarkably, UBS General Counsel (head lawyer)  David Aufhauser was not allowed  to be properly criminally prosecuted by the Obama/Holder USA Justice Department dutiful careerists for his, among other things but not necessarily all,  blatant insider trading with his internal UBS Wall Street collaborators.  The corroborating documents can be easily used by  ethical attorneys and USA Government officials to aid UBS  victims both criminally and civilly for few have seen the evidence other than UBS perpetrators  and their collaborators.


Valentin Zellweger

SWISS LEGAL OFFICIAL SPEAKS OF JAMES BOND MOVIES CONTAINING  SLEAZY SWISS BANKERS! reports: “It irritates Valentin Zellweger (director general of public international law and legal Advisor of the Swiss foreign ministry) that ‘no longer than six minutes into any James Bond movie, a sleazy Swiss banker still appears.’ He’s probably referring especially to Mr Lachaise, the nasty Swiss banker and financier of terrorists and crooks in The World is Not Enough. At one point Lachaise says to Bond, ‘I’m just trying to return the money to its rightful owner’. To which Bond replies: ‘And we know how hard that is for a Swiss banker’. Such stock characters (like Mendel from Casino Royale), only serve to reinforce the stereotype of Switzerland as a safe haven for stolen money and other ill-gotten gains, Zellweger complains.”  VB-1



Financial Times reports: “Switzerland is a model for the rest of the world – its wealth, economic competitiveness, living standards, transport infrastructure and mountain landscapes. But recent history has exposed its dark side. Swiss banks have been fined more than $5 billion by US authorities for enabling tax evasion. The country was condemned in the 1990s for its treatment of Holocaust victims’ dormant bank accounts. More recently, it allowed rampant corruption at Fifa, world football’s Zurich-based governing body. … Swiss adults top Credit Suisse’s wealth report with average riches of almost $600,000 in 2015. What is less clear is whether the wealth is the fruit of honest toil, or of Switzerland’s status as a haven for buccaneers and their hidden assets. … pressure to clean up the country’s image has encouraged Swiss prosecutors to join international counterparts pursuing corruption in countries such as Malaysia and Brazil. … Meanwhile, scandals over tax evasion make it harder to dismiss as a myth the claim that “the Swiss are crooked bankers,” or at least were in the past too willing to allow illicit financing.” VB-2 We only ask our readership to read the repetitive  UBS documented World “missteps”presented herein.


IS TRADITIONAL SWISS BANKING OVER? reports: “Swiss banking in the past lived well with its tax-dodging and therefore undemanding clientele from Europe and customers from big overseas markets in Latin America and the U.S. – the classic offshore banking as it is known in the business jargon. Today it is more the Asian, Middle East, or Russian billionaires, who – in their own language – want to be advised according to the latest banking standards. … Tech-savvy millennials are those who will deal the deathblow to Swiss banking as we know it. … they will get the advice wherever they like and wherever they will find the best private bankers. … millennials will do all their financial transactions for which they don’t need expert advice outside of the traditional banking system … the client of tomorrow has nothing to do with Swiss banking as such – but expects powerful companies that are able to provide the best and obviously most secure financial services anywhere in the world for any specific purpose. … Swiss watches cannot be copied – Swiss banking can.” VB-3



Wall Street Journal reports: “A few weeks after Hillary Clinton was sworn in as secretary of state in early 2009, she was summoned to Geneva by her Swiss counterpart to discuss an urgent matter. The Internal Revenue Service was suing UBS AG to get the identities of Americans with secret accounts. … Within months, Mrs. Clinton announced a tentative legal settlement—an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat. … From that point on, UBS’s engagement with the Clinton family’s charitable organization increased. … The Clintons have said accepting donations posed no conflicts of interest and broke no rule or law. … ‘Any insinuation that any of our philanthropic or business initiatives stems from support received from any current or former government official is ludicrous and without merit,’ a bank spokeswoman said. UBS said the speeches by Mr. Clinton and the donations were part of a program to respond to the 2008 economic downturn. … A State Department spokesman said that ‘UBS was a topic of serious discussion, among other issues, in our bilateral relations at that time’ with the Swiss government. A spokeswoman in the Swiss embassy in Washington said the government had no comment.” VB-4

A reliable UBS source has said former USA President Bill Clinton speakers & consultant fees,  Clinton Family Foundation donations and other material issues were “intimated” causing a UBS inter office  frenzy to fabricate alleged  proper USA Federal mandatory compliance.  From further UBS information and belief,  fugitive from  USA Justice  prior UBS Chairman Raoul Weil’s phony Bologna capture,  fake  Ft Lauderdale second trial and USA Federal Ft Lauderdale bogus acquital  was planned.  We were told that the USA Federal prosecutor and accommodating USA Federal Judge Cohn made it highly technical and boring.  Jury members were seen sleeping and only deliberated briefly.  Approximately 30 observers  dwindled to seven or so.    Oh yes, Weil’s Defense team did not even call any witnesses.  The five or so attached Swiss Government  males believed to be monitoring the trial left after a few days.  Among other things but not necessarily all, during one of their monitored conversations they were overheard conversing about the alluring nearby beach.  It is believed they already knew the outcome and decided to skip out for beach time.  Who can blame them.  It was another deferred payment payday for the Clintons,  Obama and their collaborators.  It was shameful to see USA Federal Justice manipulated in such a disgraceful  manner.  Even most of the few media left  were  muzzled from telling the World what had happened.  The  short questionable second  trial  is allegedly still archived at the Ft Lauderdale USA Federal Court.  This episode will never be able to pass the smell test.




The Guardian reports: “A Reuters analysis of the settlement negotiations published in April 2010 showed that Clinton was involved at several points in the process.  According to the report, the US State Department was grateful to the Swiss for their support in places like Cuba and Iran and for “helping to broker a deal that normalized relations between Turkey and Armenia”. As such, then-Swiss foreign minister Micheline Calmy-Rey was able to connect with Clinton over the phone and meet her face to face three times before the deal was struck in August.” VB-5 The UBS criminal activities agenda within the USA  had to be resolved  by Swiss government in quid pro quo fashion. The Swiss foreign minister acted as intermediary with several countries.   Among other things, UBS is on record giving   money to the Clinton Family Foundation and Secretary of State Clinton’s husband “Slick Willy” in the form of speakers or consulting fees et al.  Any money transactions of this nature were implemented outside customary diplomacy and should be considered bribery.



The Hill reports: “The story, as originally recounted by James V. Grimaldi and Rebecca Ballhaus of The Wall Street Journal, was, of itself, deeply troubling.  In March 2009, after meeting with Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton intervened with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on behalf of Switzerland’s most powerful banking institution, UBS. … Did a bank that still ranks as “the world’s biggest wealth manager” and has at its disposal a bevy of economists and law firms have a legitimate reason for paying Bill Clinton $1.5 million in speaking fees? Or was the $1.5 million and the tenfold increase in Clinton Foundation donations a reward for the former secretary of State’s intervention?  If the latter, that reward would have, under federal law (18 U.S.C. § 201(c)(1)(A)), amounted to an illicit bribe. … There can be little doubt that a media firestorm would ensue if a former president were to accept a lucrative speaking fee from the Mafia.  Should the reaction be any different when the speaking fee comes from “banksters” who defrauded the U.S. government?” VB-6   It only can infuriate UBS stockholders, UBS clients and Swiss citizens as much as it does USA citizens. USA citizens are supporting Donald Trump because he is willing to put his entire estate on the line to end rampant Washington corruption. There is a reason why the counties around Washington are some of the wealthiest in USA. Why let Obama collect deferred payments from the likes of UBS the same way the Clinton’s continue to do? UBS attempts commit these egregious acts all over the World. Our issues have UBS incident examples.


UBS Zurich World headquarters with the usual client, stockholder or other UBS protesters picketing.  There will be other similar UBS picketing depictions from all over the World.



CBS Money Watch Dirty Little Secrets of Swiss Banking reports: “Swiss banking is built on two majors, UBS and Credit Suisse, plus about 400 smaller banks that can handle just a few well-heeled clients. The system is quirky because there are no government guarantees, in part to keep matters secret. The tradition of banking competence dates back to the revocation of the 1685 Edict of Nantes which was a major step in the history of bank de-regulation.  Secrecy dates to the Swiss Banking Act of 1934 which was prompted by a French scandal in which prominent Frenchmen were accused of hiding their money in private Swiss accounts. The list included the Peugeots of automobile fame and perfume maven Francoise Coty. About that time, Swiss accounts became popular with wealthy German Jews facing Nazi anti-Semitism and wanting to protect their money. But the secrecy has led to some major controversies. Among them are:

1   American gangster Meyer Lansky, not wanting to get nailed on IRS charges like Al Capone, used Swiss accounts to hide his money in the 1930s.
2   After World War II, members of the Nazi party used Swiss accounts for their funds as they fled war crime prosecution.
3   The Vatican Bank, accused in class action lawsuit mishandling money in World War II, used Swiss accounts.
4   Trying to return assets of Jews killed in the Holocaust, the World Jewish Congress, plus some American officials, ran into a stone wall of Swiss bank secrecy when they tried to sort things out and win some retribution for concentration camp survivors.
5   The U.S. government believes that Swiss banks helped shield the money of Osama Bin Laden when they investigated his role in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 Americans.”  VB-7  UBS manages the secret accounts of the Saud, Bin Laden and other wealthy Saudi Arabian families.



These USA Presidential suborned cozy men are happy receiving UBS patronage amounting to millions USA$ deferred payments laundered through exorbitant  speaker, consulting et al deferred payment fees.  Next year the picture will most certainly include Obama.  In international banking parlance, these men are sucking on the  same proverbial UBS tit.  Many international bankers consider it UBS money laundering  deferred payments for known and unknown UBS collaborations  while in the USA White House Oval office.  In any event, these men are happy.  Why do UBS Swiss and USA stockholders, citizens and clients allow this exposed UBS Group Executive Board collaborative tit sucking behavior of their assets?  We will see further on UBS  World clients also pay dearly.  Will this ever stop with corresponding criminal punishments meted out to UBS rot at the top and their collaborators?  How long does the World have to wait?



Zurich popular voyeur inclusive open air sex boxes!


The Guardian reports: “The publicly funded facilities – away from the city centre and open all night – include bathrooms, lockers, small cafe tables, a laundry and shower. Men won’t have to worry about video surveillance cameras, but the sex workers – who will need a permit and pay tax – will have a panic button and access to on-site social workers trained to look after them. … the sex boxes will be open daily from 7pm to 5am. The city has painted the outdoor bathrooms in soft pink and blue, strung colourful light bulbs among the trees and posted creative signs encouraging the use of condoms to spruce the place up a little and make it seem more pleasant. … In Switzerland, anyone who works in the sex trade must be at least 16, the legal age of sexual maturity. The income is taxed and subject to social insurance like any other economic activity.” VB-8  UBS & Credit  Suisse are the largest Zurich employers and  demand bank secrecy.    Zurich sex boxes are are transparent to all while UBS banking procedures are  opaque to all.  Should this not be the other way around?  Is this some sort of Swiss humor?


Katherine Bart

Katharine Bart is a senior contributor for and She also writes for our Asian partner site, She is a dual Swiss-American citizen with 17 years experience as a journalist, most recently as chief correspondent for Thomson Reuters in Zurich. Prior to that, she wrote for Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal from 2003 to 2011. She studied communications at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

Singapore dumps UBS


This Finews article created by a highly competent Singapore and Asia based journalist Katherine Bart permeates most  of the articles herein mentioned. This is an encapsulation an  enactment of what UBS AG has really been doing within the World financial community.  It is delightful reading such quality work from a Swiss/American German educated journalist  writing truly and correctly about UBS AG of Zurich.



Fidelity reports: “Big banks have long complained about the costs of holding large pools of inactive deposits. … But the problem isn’t only that inactive cash is a drag on profits, this dead money also ties up bank equity capital, too.” VB-9  Under USA Federal law it is a criminal offense for UBS continual unilateral:

  • shifting of UBS Client stock assets,
  • conversion of UBS Client stocks into cash and
  • transfer of more than $10,000 cash offshore.

This documented UBS routine procedure against UBS USA elderly clients has been repeatedly reported to and ignored by the Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations.  Specific incidences are thoroughly documented within and herein.



UBS Group Executive Board created picture still containing Robert J McCann & Raoul Weil as Board members.



UBS Group Executive Board team photos like Stalin’s Politburo depictions tell a lot.  We have seen pictures of these UBS men purged while others continue or are added.  We see prior fugitive from USA Justice Raoul as well as USA citizen Robert J McCann remain in good standing to the World.   Are their no media cartoonists in Zurich to make humor of these UBS Group Executive Board team photos?   Opaqueness is still the mantra underlying UBS international chicanery. The main UBS Board  object seems to be keeping their “to big to jail” Washington  status and other nations will fall into place.  The Board is forever opaque in it’s dealings, as seen below. This enables those like prior Raoul Weil to escape prison. We exposed the deferred payments (bribes, baksheesh et al ) paid Washington political operatives by UBS. These UBS Group Executive Board faces are but the most recent in a long chronology who secretly search the World for those needing opaque offshore accounts. There is no better time for exposing these UBS schemes than just before the USA Presidential voting cycle. USA media is known for transparency during the fourth year presidential election cycles. Nothing transfixes World attention as USA presidential contenders fighting it out with startling revelations.  International media has only to connect the dots and follow the pattern.



SonntagsZeitung reports Ermotti saying: “Switzerland’s politicians have done too little to protect the country’s banks from demands for data from foreign governments, UBS (UBSG.S) Chief Executive Sergio Ermotti said in an interview … ‘This is unacceptable and opens the door for a new offensive against Swiss banks, … On some issues, the train has left the station,’ he said.” VB-10  What right does UBS have to speak for all Swiss banks? Swiss Government rightly has an obligation to protect UBS stockholders and UBS clients from UBS criminal mischief allegedly divulged within opaque UBS data.


 UBS Chairman signs a dubious UBS document.  It  then officially sealed by Swiss Government  regarding Marcos secret accounts scrutiny.

UBS DRAFTS PHONY DOCUMENTS REGARDING FERDINAND E MARCOS UBS OFFSHORE GOLD.  reports: “Strange that it is recognised and approved by UBS when they have no power or authority over any part of the Collateral Accounts. They are just Custodians – with no power or authority.” VB-11 This is considered an international criminal transaction by the Philippine Marcos regime, UBS and USA Government political operatives. We have more corroborating documents evidencing beyond any reasonable doubt this transference of Philippine gold reserves to the UBS secret accounts of Ferdinand E Marcos. This demonstrates the simplicity of such theft shifting from many herein mentioned countries to UBS secret accounts. Herb Mallard and above signatory Chairman Kaspar Villager have a highly respected friend in common.



Wall Street Journal reports: “A Swiss regulator (FINMA) has temporarily banned six former UBS Group AG employees from the financial industry and reprimanded a handful of others, as global investigations into foreign-exchange rate manipulation move toward a close. … Finma said it found that those responsible at UBS ‘for the management of foreign exchange trading tolerated, and at times encouraged, behavior which was improper and against the interests of clients.’ A UBS spokesman declined to comment. … The (UBS) bank received immunity from the U.S. Justice Department related to foreign exchange, though its conduct was found to have violated a prior agreement related to the manipulation of the London interbank offered rate … UBS Chief Executive Sergio Ermotti said at that time that ‘the conduct of a small number of employees was unacceptable.’ ” VB-12  From information and belief, Swiss financial regulator FINMA suborns Swiss vital interests to UBS racketeering.  Herein, FINMA deviously neither defines meaningless “temporary ban” nor “reprimand”.  Dirty hands UBS repeatedly cannot pass the World financial smell test. President Bill Clinton coined the word “unacceptable” to understate criminal acts. The word is now repeatedly uttered by Chief Ermotti referring to constant UBS criminal acts. Let us remember Ermotti is the unoriginal self taught Chief of the secret UBS Group Executive Board where the standard practice is to fire staff when allegedly caught obeying criminally “incentivised” orders. This UBS “misstep” plausibility of denial is so commonly used it is considered another UBS farce among those in World Finance.



UBS Zurich Branch is vandalized by angry Swiss citizens.


Swiss clearly do not like the UBS culture and are willing to outwardly express their thoughts on this street level UBS branch.  UBS World branches are generally located on guarded upper floors of secured buildings to avoid similar occurrences.  UBS staff are said to be constantly stressed about personal harm capabilities.  We have also reported  elderly demonstrating in Florida against UBS  upper floor offices.


UBS CONTINUES TO PROVIDE LITTLE TO NO STAFF JOB SECURITY. reports: “UBS in Asia for over a decade, has parted ways with the Swiss banking giant. During her tenure with UBS, Enslow played a leading role for marketing the bank throughout the Asian region. … The departure of Enslow is another major setback for UBS, as the bank experiences stiff headwinds in Asia right now. A few months ago it also lost Dagmar Maria Kamber Borens (pictured below); the regional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of UBS Asia-Pacific in Singapore.” VB-13  UBS does not treat it’s staff with the dignity other financial institutions do.  UBS staff  tend to join UBS for learning the business and then depart to more ethical firms.



efinancial careers reports: ‘UBS and Credit Suisse are both all about Asian private banking right now. They need to hire more relationships managers (RMs) in Asia as they focus on capturing more assets from the region’s millionaires and billionaires. ‘We are able not only to give a good platform to our colleagues, but also they are able to serve their clients with a very comprehensive offering,’ Ermotti said. … ‘UBS and CS are quite stubborn – they are the big guns and they know they can attract good bankers without offering obscene salaries.’ The two Swiss giants have stricter salary bands than their smaller competitors in Asia … UBS and Credit Suisse won’t give you a large bonus percentage either.” VB-14  This UBS arrogance does not allow for much staff dignity within the Asian community.  This could be indicative of how UBS actually thinks about all Asians.


UBS IS SEEN SQUANDERING STOCKHOLDER & CLIENT ASSETS IN ROT AT THE TOP. reports: “UBS wealth management boss Jürg Zeltner … Some of the world’s richest heirs and entrepreneurs have entrusted him and his team with almost CHF1 trillion ($1 trillion) of their money. … the bank’s sponsorship of Formula One, which plays poorly with the general public in an age of austerity and cutbacks. … UBS, and other wealth managers, have also taken a hammering in the court of public opinion after the Panama Papers’ revelations about banks helping the wealthy to use offshore havens to dodge taxes.”  VB-15  From information and belief, there is yet more to be divulged regarding Mossack Fonseca or Panama papers.



Fox News reports: “Donations to the Clinton Foundation by Swiss bank UBS increased tenfold after Hillary Clinton intervened to settle a dispute with the IRS early in her tenure as secretary of state, according to a published report.According to the Wall Street Journal, total donations by UBS to the foundation grew from less than $60,000 at the end of 2008 to approximately $600,000 by the end of 2014. The Journal reports that the bank also lent $32 million through entrepreneurship and inner-city loan programs it launched in association with the foundation, while paying former President Bill Clinton $1.5 million to participate in a series of corporate question-and-answer sessions with UBS Chief Executive Bob McCann.” VB-16  It is any wonder why USA citizens want Washington rot at the top eradicated by a Donald Trump outsider.  Trump has been willing to put his entire estate on the line to combat theWashington/Wall Street rot. USA citizens can just hope his appointees have the same convictions.



The Washington Free Beacon reports: “New disclosures made by the Treasury Department to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.), a House Intelligence Committee member, show that an initial $400 million cash payment to Iran was wired to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) and then converted from U.S. dollars into Swiss francs and moved to an account at the Swiss National Bank, according to a copy of communication obtained exclusively by the Free Beacon.   Once the money was transferred to the Swiss Bank, the “FRBNY (New York Federal Reserve) withdrew the funds from its account as Swiss franc banknotes and the U.S. Government physically transported them to Geneva” before personally overseeing the handover to an agent of Iran’s central bank, according to the documents. … The latest information is adding fuel to accusations the Obama administration arranged the payment in this fashion to skirt U.S. sanctions laws and give Iran the money for the release of U.S. hostages, in what many have called a ransom. … Officials from the Treasury and Justice Departments would not respond to Free Beacon requests for comment about the exact type of legal approval given prior to the cash payment.” VB-17  This depicts the procedure of how Obama/Bush/Clinton have defied USA Federal Laws by attaching highly lucrative deferred payments to their questionable Administration quid pro quo agendas for personal gain.  The UBS desired agenda is their continuing lucrative capability of swindling USA elderly without fear of USA Federal recourse. Terms such as to big to jail and get out of jail free cards are frequent explanations. Like Bush/Clinton, Obama deferred payments will be in the form of speakers/consulting fees, secret Swiss Presidential Library+ accounts for foreign cash et al. This procedure has already been set up for Obama to be activated upon the day he leaves his White House office by prior UBS Chairman and Obama fund raiser Robert Wolf (see issue 1).



The Washington Post said: “Dictators, drug dealers and tax evaders can and do use false names or send relatives or friends to do their banking…. Swiss Banking Commission … managing director (said) ‘There is no excuse to take money from someone who is known to be corrupt.” VB-18 The list should include the child sex trade industry as well as political operatives. UBS has allegedly thrived from hiding criminal gains. UBS is out of control and continues its criminal activity, despite Swiss Banking Commission silly proclamations.



Investment News reports UBS CEO saying: “Missteps with the funds and securities have put the most valuable — and vulnerable — UBS’ assets at risk: their reputations.” VB-19  UBS CEO continues to understate reality to explain alleged criminal behavior and its ramifications.



ABC News reports: “Senate Hearing Has All the Trappings of Mafia Investigation. Another witness, Martin Liechti, also took the fifth rather than answer questions from the panel on his bank’s practices. Liechti, head of wealth management for North and South American clients for Swiss bank UBS, was briefly detained in May by the U.S. Justice Department as part of its investigation into tax evasion.”  VB-20 Some witnesses who are appearing before the Senate hearings are afraid for their lives. One witness appeared as a shadow to protect his identity. The US Federal witness protection program is being provided to witnesses who are afraid of being harmed by UBS.



Wall Street Journal reports: “Are Japan and Switzerland havens for terrorists and drug lords? High-denomination bills are in high demand in both places, a trend that some politicians claim is a sign of nefarious behavior. Yet the two countries boast some of the lowest crime rates in the world.” VB-21 UBS  Swiss Government condones money laundering by UBS et al, unless caught. Swiss Government then uses it’s plausibility of denial.  This has been evident in past scandals as well as the recent Clinton Family, Ghadaffi Family  and prior UBS Group Executive Board member Chairman Raul Weil connived arrest with USA Federal Court release.


BusinessWire reports: “Group Chief Marketing Officer, UBS: “Artsy is a leader in bringing together art and technology in creative ways so that the art world is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Our ‘Year in Art’ partnership draws upon a shared belief that a data-led approach to the art world can help navigate such a complex landscape. It’s the same approach we bring to working with our clients in the financial markets around the world. … Developed by UBS to provide its clients, seasoned professionals and beginning art enthusiasts alike with a simple tool to navigate the growing and often fragmented landscape of art information … UBS’s long and substantial record of patronage in contemporary art enables clients and audiences to participate in the international conversation about art and the global art world through the firm’s global art platform. In addition to the UBS Art Collection, considered one of the world’s largest and most important corporate collections of contemporary art”. VB-22 Reliable UBS source has intimated UBS is coaxing dormant (dead) account holders to buy contemporary art which UBS has a strong influence. It is alleged UBS Gulfie oligarch clients have fallen for this scheme to dislodge “dead” assets. UBS Gulfie client victim’s hard assets are now owned by UBS while Gulfie UBS clients own some contemporary artists picture which can be secretly exchanged/transported as money laundering device.



fines reports: “A new journalism venture shows just how far UBS is willing to use unconventional methods in the hunt for elusive millennial clientele. The Swiss bank’s latest effort to paint itself in a warm glow following its near-collapse almost ten years ago. … Zurich-based UBS needed an image makeover after it was bailed out by the Swiss government in 2008 following billions in write-downs on illiquid mortgage securities. … The Scandinavian marketing magician at the center of its campaign to restore its luster, Johan Jervøe, launched a warm and fuzzy campaign to, in effect, make UBS more lovable. … The editorial push is part of a broader attempt by UBS and Jervøe to humanize itself following the financial crisis of 2008/09. … UBS has also put renewed emphasis on women and on sustainable investing.” VB-23  It has been long part of the UBS target, solicit, recruit, dupe and loot strategy to target elderly, especially women. A reliable UBS source said UBS Group Executive Board was so excited seeing themselves in their   initial Quentin Tarantino copy-cat movie (see issue 1) has joined joined VICE to make more to attract especially wealthy elderly women to the “UBS perfect experience”. How long will the Swiss Government aid & abet UBS dubious banking behavior?


UBS trader Kweki Adoboli


Reuters reports: “(Kweku) Adoboli had falsified ‘an exchange traded fund made or acquired for an accounting purpose’ and falsified ‘an exchange traded fund transaction and other internal records.’ Exchange traded funds are securities that track an index, a commodity or a basket of assets, and trade on an exchange. … UBS was in turmoil as ratings agencies warned lax risk management could prompt downgrades and senior executives canceled engagements to meet financial regulators. … One UBS trader in London said staff were expecting news of more job cuts in the next two weeks as well as zero bonuses. … Reputational damage could force a restructuring many had already thought inevitable … The two biggest political parties, the Swiss People’s Party and the Social Democrats, want UBS to split investment banking from its wealth management arm and pressure for it to take radical action is likely to mount in the wake of the scandal. … Fitch said the incident ‘strengthens the arguments for UBS to down-scale its investment banking unit’ … The bank has had a history of major risk management glitches. … New losses in UBS’s investment bank risk scaring rich clients and prompting a further flight from its huge private bank, the core of its business that used to be the world’s biggest wealth manager but has slipped to third place.”  VB-24  What were UBS due diligence  Swiss  UBS Group Executive Board rot at the top doing during the swindle? Perhaps UBS will have to swindle more elderly UBS clients and sell more UBS parts to competitors!



The New York Times reports: “The (USA) Federal Reserve fined Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, $100 million on Monday, accusing it of violating United States trade sanctions by sending dollars to Cuba, Iran, Libya and Yugoslavia. UBS operated a trading center for dollars in its Zurich headquarters under contract with the Federal Reserve of New York, to help circulate new United States notes and retire old ones. A condition of the arrangement was that UBS not deliver or accept dollar notes to or from banks in countries under trade sanctions. … ‘UBS recognizes that very serious mistakes were made, accepts the sanctions and expresses its regret,’ ’’ VB-25 Why are UBS stockholders so indifferent or docile at UBS fines, Court losses et al?

USA’S NORTHERN TRUST SNAPS UBS ASSET MANAGEMENT IN SWIZERLAND & LUXEMBOURG. report: “Northern Trust has agreed to buy UBS Asset Management’s fund administration servicing units in Luxembourg and Switzerland … A joint statement from both companies said that UBS clients would continue to work with their existing relationship management teams. ‘This agreement represents a significant opportunity for Northern Trust and our clients as we broaden our scale, products and market reach across Europe,’ said Northern Trust Corporation chairman and CEO Frederick Waddell. ‘We look forward to expanding our service offering in Switzerland and further deepening our presence in Luxembourg.’ … Goldman Sachs International was Northern Trust’s financial adviser for the deal.” VB-26 This is a clear example of how UBS is continuing to sell itself for needed cash. It also shows ethical Northern Trust hired Goldman Sachs muscle to see UBS acted correctly without it’s customary devious behavior. What chance does a UBS client or stockholder have against UBS dubious behavior when ethical banks hold UBS suspect.


Prior Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey involved with “Libyan Affair”.

 Swiss humor cartoon has Moamar Gadaffi have his female body guards observe the crowning of Swiss President Merz in Libyan desert!

Swiss President Merz as a humbled protector.


CSS reports: “The Libyan regime proved to be an extremely difficult and unpredictable negotiating partner that operated out- side the rule of law while engaging in pseudo-legal measures. Equally challenging for Swiss diplomacy was the do- mestic front, with both the political leadership and public opinion according high priority to the release of the hostages. … some serious flaws in the handling of the crisis can be identified that are reflected in the ongoing domestic arguments over the “Libyan affair”. In conjunction with the crises over banking secrecy and UBS, the Libyan issue has raised fundamental questions over the Federal Council’s ability to exercise political leadership. Yet, the roles of the parliament, the media, and the Canton of Geneva should be taken into account too when assessing how the Swiss managed the Libyan crisis.”  VB-27  Swiss government apologized to Ghadaffi family but did not forget UBS dispute. Moamar Ghadaffi’s life ended after surrendering from a culvert sanctuary.  He was then forced to bend over whereupon a dagger knife was shoved into his anus.  It is still unknown if UBS had anything to do with the unspeakable death. As with the Marcos family money entrusted to UBS, it is unknown what UBS did with the Qhadaffi family money.  There are many known families that have loss their assets entrusted to unscrupulous UBS.


Bloomberg reports: “Switzerland and Singapore are bearing down on the banks linked to a corruption scandal at 1Malaysia Development Bhd., with the Swiss financial regulator saying enforcement proceedings are underway against UBS Group AG, one of six banks targeted, and the Asian city-state ordering one institution to cease operations and fining others. … FINMA is targeting the Zurich-based UBS, rather than individuals at the bank, said Vinzenz Mathys, a spokesman for the Bern-based regulator. He added that he couldn’t say when the proceedings might be concluded. The MAS said it had found control lapses at UBS by specific bank officers.” VB-28  We have repetitively seen Swiss financial regulator allow UBS to continue it’s reign of terror throughout the World of finance. Through condescending platitudes we now see FINFA will not prosecute UBS rot at the top Group Executive Board members but slap insignificant fines upon UBS. This means stockholders like Singapores sovereign wealth fund GIC hardworking constituents will pay. We also see the same FINMA verbiage be used by the USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank UBS collaborators use the exact verbiage, somehow.


New York Times Reports: “The Federal Reserve fined Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, $100 million on Monday, accusing it of violating United States trade sanctions by sending dollars to Cuba, Iran, Libya and Yugoslavia. UBS operated a trading center for dollars in its Zurich headquarters under contract with the Federal Reserve of New York, to help circulate new United States notes and retire old ones. A condition of the arrangement was that UBS not deliver or accept dollar notes to or from banks in countries under trade sanctions. In an announcement, the Federal Reserve said that UBS had violated the agreement and that some former officers and employees of the bank, whom it did not identify, intentionally concealed the transactions by falsifying monthly reports made to the Fed. … ‘UBS recognizes that very serious mistakes were made, accepts the sanctions and expresses its regret,’ the bank said. … Roughly two-thirds of the $669 billion in United States currency circulates abroad.” VB-29  It is interesting to count the various excuses and apologies UBS uses to rationalize their international criminal activity.


UBS logo on some wall.

UBS tacky/shabby/dangerous logo.  What do people on other side see?  Why was this allowed by Hong Kong Government?


We will see controversial UBS has a penchant for tacking the UBS logo sign on sides of buildings throughout the World.  This gives the false impression that the buildings are completely rented or owned by UBS with  offices  filled with UBS staff.  Usually UBS rents a couple of  above floors for security.  When UBS is on the ground floor it is vulnerable to angry UBS clients.



Wall Street Journal reports: “Switzerland’s central bank said … UBS Group AG and Credit Suisse Group AG need to bolster their respective layers of protective capital.… Both banks need to take action.” VB-30  Zurich as the headquarters of both UBS and Credit Suisse is now the wealthiest per capita city in the World, for a reason.  From information and belief UBS is now in severe capital stress.  Under international pressure it is being summarily told by Swiss authorities  to clean up their act.  UBS secret clients will not allow UBS to shift client money for fear of international notice, as with USA clients.  UBS derogatorily calls these assets  “dead money”.  The UBS culture has been molded from decades of allegedly dealing with a client base of drug lords, white slavers, political operatives et al.   It has recently been so much easier for UBS to target USA elderly by giving  “deferred payments” (bribes) in the form of speakers and consulting fees to willing USA Presidents and their collaborators to facilitate UBS lucrative USA elderly client asset theft.  This is readily documented within  and herein.



No other bank in the World has been added to the prestigious  Shepherd, Smith, Edwards & Kantas USA  law firm list of shame.   This should be considered internationally alarming since USA Presidents Clinton/Bush/Obama and their collaborators continue to receive  millions USA$  from aiding and abetting UBS in it’s USA perpetrations, especially against USA  elderly client victims.  We commend this ethical law firm for their work.  The Swiss Government should be embarrassed at this World disclosure.

Please click on UBS (103) and see the law firm’s successful prosecutions of UBS.



Finews reports: “UBS is pulling out of the onshore business with wealthy Dutch clients and has also agreed to a cooperation deal with the buyer of the local unit.  UBS, Switzerland’s largest lender, will stop catering for the rich Dutch clients onshore. … The transaction includes clients’ assets worth 2.6 billion euros, the staff and services and products of UBS in Holland, a unit of UBS Europe SE based in Frankfurt. … UBS is currently reorganizing its business in Europe. VB-31  How many “parts”  does UBS have left.  Those UBS clients with UBS offshore dormant accounts should be worried.  UBS clients involved in the UBS  offshore   alleged art scam manipulations should be very worried.



Financial Times reports: “Singapore’s GIC offloads nearly half of its UBS stake”.

Financial Times reports: “UBS: faithless GIC bails out … Singapore money manager’s decision to sell nearly half its stake at a loss is bizarre.”

We  assisted Singapores sovereign wealth fund GIC,  in their thoughtful and conscientious deliberations using  our confidential corroborating documentation, however slightly.   As a result, Singapores sovereign wealth fund GIC firmly and unequivocably decided to sell nearly 1/2 of their UBS shares at a loss.  We commend GIC for their routine due diligence and ethical behavior as custodian of Singapore public wealth.



Finews reports: “Singapore and Hong Kong will attract wealth at more than twice the rate of Switzerland, says Boston Consulting Group in an annual private banking study. … By the end of 2017, the level of private wealth in Asia-Pacific is projected to surpass that in Western Europe, and by 2019, the combined level of private wealth in Asia-Pacific and Japan is projected to surpass that in North America.  While Switzerland remains the world’s leading offshore wealth management hub with $2.4 trillion in assets, twice as much as Singapore’s, the safety and stability of the city-state is expected to ensure continued asset growth. … Asia’s biggest wealth centers are attracting clients from within the region who are becoming richer in tandem with its rising economic output. Asian clients feel more comfortable knowing their wealth is being managed geographically closer.”  VB-32  Bluntly, Hong Kong and Singapore now do not trust their earned money  with the far away Swiss and their one sided  banking regulations.



Bloomberg reports: “Switzerland and Singapore are bearing down on the banks linked to a corruption scandal at 1Malaysia Development Bhd., with the Swiss financial regulator saying enforcement proceedings are underway against UBS Group AG, one of six banks targeted, and the Asian city-state ordering one institution to cease operations and fining others. … Malaysian state investment company 1MDB is at the center of several international investigations into alleged corruption and money laundering by public officials. … Samuel Brandner, a spokesman for UBS in Zurich, declined to comment on the FINMA proceedings. In response to the Singaporean sanctions, UBS and DBS said in separate statements they will strengthen controls and take actions against employees responsible for the lapses. … FINMA is targeting the Zurich-based UBS, rather than individuals at the bank, said Vinzenz Mathys, a spokesman for the Bern-based regulator. He added that he couldn’t say when the proceedings might be concluded. The MAS said it had found control lapses at UBS by specific bank officers. VB-33  World finance now is seeing Swiss Government complicit in UBS World criminal activities.  Swiss banking is slowly dying of a thousand cuts.



Finews reports: “UBS’ asset management arm is struggling to hit its mid-term targets. Now, the Swiss bank is weighing a sale of a business-to-business fund platform … This is the backdrop of UBS’ recent sale of its fund administration unit to U.S. rival Northern Trust.”  VB-34  UBS bank parts are dependent upon each other in various fields of financial endeavor.  There will be a time when  UBS runs out of crucial parts to sell and collapse.



Finews reports: “76 private banks in Switzerland to ink settlements to pay fines for past sins in exchange for escaping prosecution. Is it over for Switzerland?  … The 76 banks which came clean in the standardized program delivered data to the U.S. on how much in undeclared money they had bled as a result of cleaning house, and to which banks clients had transferred their funds. … Justice and tax officials are zeroing in on Israel, Singapore and Hong Kong after Switzerland … Swiss Bankers Association emphasized that no client data was delivered as part of the standardized U.S. program, and the data exchange was congruent with Swiss secrecy laws. … UBS – which had originally settled in 2009 – agreed to hand over information on an American who moved funds from the bank’s Swiss office to Singapore.” VB-35  UBS disclosures are tainting the Swiss Bankers Association both of which cannot pass the smell test.



Telegraph reports: “The global economy is caught in a permanent trap of boom-bust financial cycles. This deformed structure is becoming ever more corrosive and dangerous as debt ratios rise to vertiginous levels, the world’s top monetary watchdog (headquarters in Basel, Switzerland) has warned. The Bank for International Settlements said the rot in the global monetary system has not been cut out since the Lehman crisis in 2008. The current ageing and unstable cycle could finish in much the same explosive way, contrary to the widespread belief that it was a once-in-a-century event caused by speculators. ‘The end may come to resemble more closely a financial boom gone wrong, just as the latest recession showed, with a vengeance,’ said Claudio Borio, the BIS’s chief economist.”  VB-36 USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank cartel members Lehman and UBS AG (Switzerland) were initial initiators of the 2008 crash. Obama is on record promising USA citizens closure of the cartel. Obama lied. From information and belief, Obama was again bribed by UBS deferred payments now being collected. Obama has no plausibility of denial.



Finews reports: “Harvest Global Investments is a unit of Harvest Fund Management, a China-based asset manager. Ties between Switzerland and China have run deep for years: Chinese leader Xi Jinping in January spent four days in Switzerland on a state visit. One of the first countries to recognize the new People’s Republic of China in 1950, Switzerland has since then fostered close trade ties, and the alpine nation has bid to become a renminbi trading hub and to help China liberalize.” VB-37  How long will China politely carry UBS?


Wholesome Swiss banker Martin Senn suicide!


Finews reports: “Martin Senn’s Suicide … was the third suicide of a high-ranking Swiss executive: former Zurich CEO Martin Senn shot himself in his holiday home in Klosters, Switzerland. His death left the Swiss business establishment reeling, after his finance chief, Pierre Wauthier, and Swisscom boss Carsten Schloter took their own lives within several months of each other three years ago.” VB-38 There was a past movie depicting how Swiss bankers were suicided or accidented. This also successfully occurred in Italy regarding alleged UBS intrigue at Monte Pasche as Worlds oldest bank when their top banker was allegedly thrown out a window. The tape of the occurrence and believed perpetrators were yet again ignored by Italian investigators.


UBS AG CONTINUES TO LOOSE KEY SENIOR STAFF. reports: “Claudia Rola, the former global head of valuation methodologies at UBS in London, has now joined Deutsche Bank as a managing director. Her public profile suggests her job title is global head of valuation models and methodologies. … Model validation and valuation roles have become increasingly prominent in investment banks over the past few years thanks to regulators. After the financial crisis it became apparent that banks were using different methodologies to define their risk exposure. … Regulations like Basel IV have forced consistency in this area by stopping banks using their own risk models for these calculations. The result has been an explosion in demand for quant professionals with model validation skill-sets and movement into this area from technical front office roles like structuring has become more common. … Despite the relative hotness of these skills, UBS has been losing some very senior risk professionals over the course of the past few months. Paul Shotton, deputy head of portfolio risk control and head of group risk methodology at the bank … Nikolai Kukharkin, global head of model risk management and control at UBS in New York, has also departed, according to recruiters with knowledge of the move.” VB-39  USA AG is becoming the teachers to recruits Worldwide who then leave for more ethical World financial entities. Worldwide UBS AG is selling parts to hide incompetent rot at the top. It seems the only thing the UBS AG Group Executive Board efficiently is give each other raiseses/bonuses. When will UBS AG stockholders stop rot at top?


UBS DOWNGRADES IMPORTANCE OF SENIOR RISK MANAGERS THEN  LOOSES THEM. reports: “In theory, senior risk managers who can help banks with model validation are hot property. A surge in regulatory demands has meant that investment banks have been scrambling to hire quantitative risk managers, and front office expertise – particularly structuring – has been seconded across to meet demand. … However, at UBS in New York, some of the most senior risk professionals in this area have been quietly moved on. And, recruitment sources suggest, this is down to juniorisation of the ranks. …Paul Shotton, deputy head of portfolio risk control and head of group risk methodology at UBS, left the bank earlier this year …. Shotton is a big figure in the model risk management space. He was responsible for the oversight of all market and credit risk taken in UBS’s investment bank, wealth management and asset management businesses. … Nikolai Kukharkin, global head of model risk management and control at UBS in New York, has also departed … Specialist risk recruiters suggest that recent senior departures at UBS are down to a ‘delayering’ of senior quantitative risk managers at the bank, with expensive managing directors being displaced in order to both save on costs and provide opportunities for directors in the group. These senior departures at UBS come at a time when demand is picking up for senior risk professionals with an understanding of model validation.” VB-40  UBS AG constantly goes against the banking trends. This is yet to be acknowledged by their shareholders, other than GIC sovereign wealth fund of Singapore.



Rippoff Report: #226263
Complaint Review: UBS AG (Bank)

UBS AG (Bank)
UBS AG, Barengasse 16, Postfach, 8098
Phone: 011-411-237-2996

UBS Bank & Financial Services – UBS AG (Bank) ripoff vanished with $250,000 broken Trust Inheritance by taking advantage of 91 year old dying man Lester Wilken’s Power of Attorney trust in UBS AG Wealth Management Barengasse 16, 8001 Zurich Suisse.

The large display ads appearing weekly in the Wall Street Journal, by the New York City Office of World Wide UBS Ag Bank, are quite inviting…’At UBS, we know managing wealth means responding to changes in the market, the world and your life…we consider the perfect time to assess where you are headed as an ongoing conversation called, You & Us.’

My 91 year old friend and elderly patient, Lester Wilken, of Laguna Woods, CA, trusted UBS to manage all his wealth in the Zurich Bank for one reason and one reason only. The peace loving ole timer I helped was so blinded with Macular Degeneration he depended on the eyes of UBS executive director, Claude Ulmann, from Zurich, to manage his accumulated wealth so all heirs named, received his inheritance … As the weeks went by without a response or fund, I contacted the UBS Staff in Zurich for the most sickening shock possible, “Ulmann did not establish a trust fund as he told Lester Wilken, no papers were found in his office file with our name or any evidence of the Power of Attorney, which the Bank knew nothing about and Ulmann refused to explain or respond to our requests for transfer of our trust fund.

While this claim was being ignored I was further alarmed by a Pulitizer Prize winning article in the St. Pete [Petersburg] Times Paper which revealed over half of all Florida Senior Citizens were left living in poverty because of broken bank trusts in Florida Banks. The second shock in that award winning series was the revelation, the most dangerous link to the stolen trust funds was each senior signed a Power of Attorney because a POA is a license to steal in the hands of a bank official without ethics.

The UBS Law firm in Zurich then informed me they would not honor my UBS Power of Attorney [POA] even though Claude E. Ulmann was still employed as one of their executive directors in wealth management, because he violated the bank requirement a power of attorney was not valid without the signature and stamp of the wealth manager who drew up the instrument. On [e] the date of the POA signing, Ulmann had informed us the only signature needed was ours … and all he wrote on the block for his signature was the word, Zurich, indicating the trust was held in the Zurich [UBS AG] home office bank.

How would we three trusting American seniors know the rules of law in a Zurich Bank…or suspect a man Wilken trusted with his large fortune so many years was taking advantage of his near death and our bank ignorance to put himself in position of our funds far away from his bank associates knowledge?

The US Bank Comptroller’s Office in Houston, Texas has a copy of the May 22, 1999 Power of Attorney, the hand written letter Lester Wilken wrote us to celebrate the fact Ulmann’s long distance phone call from Zurich assured him our trust fund was in place drawing interest and on the demise of Wilken he would arrange the transfer we wanted to our American Bank Account with Bank of America, in California.
As the weeks went by I became uneasy Ulmann not only failed to send papers for the trust transfer, he never provided us with the account number or interest earned or mailed a bank statement showing the balance. … Wall Street Journal contains a complete advertising section of UBS wealth management and investment opportunities for unwary American investors. My contacts with the Wall Street Journal Editor have not brought any response or the New York City Attorney General’s Office who called the theft of our trust fund a civil matter. The Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks, Houston, Texas, simply informed us my case was assigned the case # 586634 on Sept. 21, 2005, by Customer Assistance Group, but no assistance has been forth coming.

As a military widow deprived of the military widow’s full benefits, mother of two overlooked Vietnam Vets, and victim of such a famous, wealthy bank [UBS AG] trusted world wide for wealth management, I feel we should award UBS a First Place Rip Off Award, for ripping off an old soldier’s wife to deny me much needed medical care for circulation problems. … The moral of this rip-off is seniors may have longer life today than any generation, but we are subject to so many cruel rip-offs we can’t even bank on banks and not one of the state or federal consumer agencies have any interest in bank rip-offs as long as congress approves their high earning funds and benefits.

I close with the warning of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, “if at any time the Republic we have given you no longer works, it is your DUTY to reform it.” My fellow country men, we can no longer bank on banks or the officials paid to audit them, the system does not work, so drag out your pens and phones and let our Congressmen know, if they want to count on our future campaign contributions to be elected the Ways and Means Committee better conduct a hearing on Bank reform so we can bank on banks.

Willowdean Payson
Arizona, U.S.A.”  VB-41

The above letter has been slightly edited for comprehension and brevity without modifying the intent.   The emotional impact regarding UBS exploitation of USA elderly client victims who fought in USA foreign wars to uphold the USA Constitution Bill of Rights and UBS AG access to USA elderly clients has also been edited.  The original is available upon request.

Shortly after  alike USA reported series of UBS elderly client victim “missteps”,  UBS was given a bailout  from the Swiss government.  This was further complemented by a series of equity offerings in 2007, 2008, and 2009.  Oh yes, USA government anted up as well through an AIG counter party UBS AG gift  bandaid for the 2008 World financial crash UBS AG [Swiss] and it’s solely owned USA Federally unregulated UBS Bank USA helped create. This Swiss Government regulatory matter is distressing.  There are herein parallel occurrences amongst other foreign UBS victims.



Business Insider reports: “[UBS AG] Bankers were given laptops with two hard drives, Hansruedi Schumacher, who formerly ran UBS’ cross-border business, told the trial … ‘It was known all those account holders were not paying their taxes, and for the Swiss bank [UBS AG] it was a very profitable business,’ Schumacher said during testimony at the trial.

Eskander Ensafi, who banked with UBS, told the court about a clandestine meeting in 2005 at a Los Angeles hotel with bank adviser Claude Ullman. The adviser handed him roughly $50,000 in U.S. bills wrapped in newspaper, Ensafi testified, tax-free interest from a Swiss bank account in the name of Ensafi’s father, who had just suffered a debilitating stroke. Ullman was sued by a number of U.S. individuals — who were jailed for not paying U.S. taxes by hiding their money in Swiss bank accounts — for alleged racketeering, along with UBS and a number of high ranking bankers, including Weil, in a 2009 lawsuit in the Eastern District of California. The case was dismissed with prejudice in September 2014. An attorney for Ullman did not respond to a request for an update on the case.

German businessman Juergen Homann, 72, who pleaded guilty to a U.S. charge of failing to report a foreign account to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2009, told the court one UBS client adviser, Hans Thomann, helped him set up a Hong Kong-based shell company. The company, the Prodon Foundation, was then used to funnel income Homann made from his raw minerals business venture in China. Attempts to reach Thomann for comment were unsuccessful.  In 2012, he was charged in the Southern District of New York with conspiracy to defraud the United States and conducting an unlicensed money transmitting business.” VB-42  It has been alleged German internationally respected businessman  elderly Juergen Homann did not have proper New York legal council defending only his interests in USA Federal proceedings.  Elderly Homann also received improper technical financial business advice from UBS AG Zurich banksters which was dubious a best. UBS AG Zurich antagonist banksters escaped USA criminal prosecution in all cases involving vulnerable UBS client victims by giving known deferred payments to the Clinton/Bush II/Obama Presidencies.  Countries Brazil, Egypt et al have criminally convicted their Presidents for much less yet these USA Presidents improperly continue to accept UBS AG deferred payments through their well placed Washington collaborators. It is internationally known prior UBS Chairman Robert Wolf was the Obama bundler (donation collector) and golf buddy during his campaigns. Robert Wolf through his Washington lobbyist firm 32 Advisors is now the Obama bagman collecting deferred payment cash, among other known things.  In USA golf is used to conduct confidential business away from the prying eyes and ears of regulators, law enforcement, competitors et al, among other things.  At this time President Trump is being distracted with purposefully created diversions so no USA Justice Department prosecution  can be implemented against UBS AG and their USA collaborators.



Roberts et al. v. UBS AG, 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 12779 (ED CA 2013) concludes:

“UBS AG  initially challenges the complaint’s fraud claims as barred by plaintiffs’ own fraud. UBS AG  points to Olenicoff v. UBS AG, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 57360, 2012 WL 1192911, at *1 (C.D. Cal. 2012), where the plaintiff pursued claims against UBS AG  after the plaintiff pled guilty to knowingly and willfully failing to disclose off-shore accounts on his tax returns. The fellow district judge in Olenicoff, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 57360, 2012 WL 1192911, at *1, observed:

To defend itself, UBS is forced to strenuously insist that its prior guilty plea only admitted to assisting willing clients with tax fraud, not forcing unsuspecting clients into tax evasion. While its argument is ironic, UBS is right. Even assuming that UBS gave [plaintiff] fraudulent tax advice, that makes UBS a co-conspirator, not a defendant in this litigation.

UBS AG  argues that plaintiffs must bear responsibility for their own fraud and related actions in absence of FAC allegations that they misinterpreted or did not know of Line 7a or that UBS AG prepared their tax returns, advised them how to answer tax return questions, or represented that plaintiffs could legally deny existence of their UBS AG  accounts.” VB-43   The logical conclusion is USA adult citizens are responsible for their actions if  entrapped  by UBS AG (Switzerland) banksters.  The problem is UBS AG banksters should not be allowed continue  entrapping  USA citizens, especially the USA elderly,  without fear of USA Justice Department repercussions.  For their UBS AG collaboration, Clinton/Bush II/Obama continue to receive their UBS AG deferred payments without fear or USA Federal prosecution, somehow.



ZeroHedge reports: “head of UBS’s gold desk in Zurich as someone directly implicated in the rigging of precious metals prices, Bloomberg reports that Andre Flotron, a Swiss resident, was arrested while visiting the U.S., according to people familiar with the matter. Having been “on leave” since 2014, it appears Andre’s hope that he was gone but “keen to return in due time” … Swiss regulators have also shown an interest in Flotron, telling him in a2014 letter of a possible enforcement action … It’s unclear whether Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority disciplined him.  So it seems another conspiracy theory becoems conspiracy fact.” VB-44  Trumps troops are watching UBS AG and would like to make an example of the UBS AG Group Executive Board.



CNBC reports: “Charges against Andre Flotron include conspiracy, wire fraud and commodities fraud. … through the illegal practice of spoofing. … The traders allegedly injected misleading information into the market by placing large orders for precious metals futures on the CME Group’s commodities exchange, with no intention to execute the trade. They then sought to benefit from subsequent price fluctuations by placing smaller trades on the opposite side of the market, according to the complaint. … UBS declined to comment.” VB-45  Flotron is a Swiss resident who had worked in the Zurich office but  arrested at the Stanford, Connecticut, USA office. The UBS AG recurring rot at top schemes were never prosecuted under Clinton/Bush II/Obama deferred payment schemes.



Bloomberg reports: “Swiss prosecutors are trying to figure out why someone apparently attempted to flush tens of thousands of euros down the toilet at a Geneva branch of UBS Group AG. The first 500-euro ($597) bills were discovered several months ago in a bathroom close to a [UBS AG] bank vault containing hundreds of safe deposit boxes, according to a report in Tribune de Geneve confirmed by the city prosecutor’s office. A few days later, more banknotes turned up in toilets at three nearby restaurants, requiring thousands of francs in plumbing repairs to unclog the pipes. In all, police have extracted tens of thousands of euros in soiled bills, many of which appear to have been cut with scissors. While destroying banknotes isn’t a crime in Switzerland, ‘there must be something behind this story,’ said Henri Della Casa, a spokesman for the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office. … UBS also declined to comment on the incident at its branch on the Rue de la Corraterie in downtown Geneva.” VB-46  Was it UBS AG dirty money that had to be laundered? Was it laundered UBS AG money that had to be made dirty? UBS AG and Geneva Prosecutors will not comment!  When will the UBS AG shareholders start toilet flushing UBS AG stocks!



Finews reports: “UBS is catering to an opaque Chinese conglomerate [HNA] that other Wall Street banks are shying away from. The lucrative mandates stand in contrast to the Swiss bank’s reputation as a safe and secure money manager. … UBS’ role is eyebrow-raising because financing to an opaque Chinese firm at a time of intense scrutiny of such conglomerates is jarring compared to the image the Swiss bank projects  – that of a stable and reliable wealth manager. … In fact, mystery enshrouds the origin of much of the $40 billion that HNA has spent to diversify globally with major equity stakes. So mysterious that several of Wall Street biggest banks have pulled back from doing business with HNA. … The reasons lie in internal controls and so-called know your cus, or KYC, rules, which the Chinese conglomerate seems unable to fulfil[l] to the satisfaction of many investment banks. … A spokesman for UBS said the bank wouldn’t comment on HNA.” VB-47  Yet again, UBS AG Swiss Chief Ermotti is playing a dangerous game of flaunting the international banking “rules of engagement”. No more has this been successful than in the USA by giving Presidents’ Clinton/Bush II/Obama deferred payments, while gaining access to the USA elderly UBS client victims assets.


Bellen Chang

Vinay Gandhi


Finews reports:”Swiss private bank J. Safra Sarasin said it nabbed a ultra-high net worth private banker from UBS. She is the second notable banker that the Brazilian-Swiss boutique has grabbed from UBS in Asia this year. … [Bellen] Chang joins Sarasin from UBS in Hong Kong, where she had been an executive director and a client advisor in the Swiss bank’s Philippines team since 2006. … She will be based in Hong Kong and report to Vinay Gandhi … Gandhi also joined Sarasin from UBS earlier this year. He was the head of ultra-high net worth in southeast Asia at the Swiss bank, with a team of 150 in Singapore and Hong Kong for clients primarily in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as global non-resident Indian clients.” VB-48  Time and time again UBS trains private bankers only to have them seek better banks to work.  It is obvious UBS is loosing any competitive advantages it once had in the Asian markets.



Corporate Research Project reports: “The banks [UBS & Credit Swiss] … money laundering that embroiled both institutions … were reported to have been used by a Turkish-Lebanese drug ring to launder some $1 billion in cash, which was said to have arrived in suitcases at Zurich airport and taken directly to the banks. The banks denied doing anything wrong.” VB-49  UBS has been caught in numerous criminal money laundering schemes. Most notably a female reporter was blown up in her car near her Maltese home after reporting on Mossack Fonseca scandal implicating UBS.  It makes one wonder how many times UBS money laundering schemes are successful enough to continue!



Financial Times reports: “Switzerland has long been a part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), but it has found membership of the so-called club of rich countries quite uncomfortable of late. After all, legendary bank secrecy has come under heavy attack from other OECD members – notably France and Germany, let alone the G20 clampdown on tax havens. Under intense international pressure, however, the Swiss have now changed their tune and are keen to show “good citizens’ of the global community. … What better way than campaigning for the chairmanship of the OECD’s annual ministerial meeting next spring? The country chairing this meeting determines the agenda and can to some extent influence the outcome.” VB-50  UBS is very controversial and now considered an open pandora’s box within European community. European’s are saying: “Why cannot we get names of tax cheats from UBS like Washington is doing?” It just shows UBS considers the European community too ineffective to demand such national security matters from Switzerland. Let us remember, even the Khadaffi Family got an apology from Swiss Government for allegedly unilaterally shifting their offshore secret bank accounts.


Ulrich Hoffmann, UBS AG Group Operations Chief


Finews reports: “Ulrich Hoffmann, head of group operations at Switzerland’s largest bank, is leaving UBS to take on a new job outside the company. … Hoffmann was one of the bank’s most important managers over the past years. As head of operations … was an active supervisor of back and middle offices at the bank, the internal services as well as IT systems.  …  He was crucially involved in the bank’s digitization development and the ongoing transformation of banking. At the end of last year he had surprised colleagues at a bankers’ do with a rather pessimistic forecast: digitization was making competition between banks even more brutal.”  VB-51  The tech guy in the back office becoming  more important than the self important guy in the front window.  This will invariably hurt UBS AG.