Hong Kong shoddy dangerous UBS sign.


Zurich  impressive sturdy UBS sign.


UBS Group AG is a Swiss holding company better known by it’s financial symbol UBS.  UBS provides a range of financial services, including advisory services, underwriting, financing, market-making, asset management and brokerage on a global level as well as retail banking in Switzerland and USA (Utah Industrial UBS Bank USA). UBS Zurich headquarters has five business divisions: Wealth Management, Personal & Corporate Banking, Asset Management Investment Bank and Wealth Management Americas. Wealth Management Americas Chairman is presently Robert J McCann.  UBS has been the foremost President Trump antagonist by  providing forms of cash to his detractors, for something.  UBS is  currently developing schemes to entrap the Trump family and it’s real estate interests into complicated loans.

A deceased Swiss reliable political source once vouched that both United States and Israeli intelligence were exclusively privy to UBS et al Swiss World secret client accounts, dormant or otherwise.  We commend the two nations for this restricted Swiss intelligence vital interest capability of “following the money”. Conversely, national security of other nation states has been compromised by this policy, however slight.    Furthermore, the same Swiss political source said  UBS misleadingly calls itself the largest wealth management in the World.  In fact, UBS has a massive amount of opaque dormant accounts that  are allegedly occasionally pilfered when needed.  UBS officials also unilaterally take from client accounts.   This capability can be seen in the UBS  AG Group Executive Board bluster and willingness to expend inordinate  amounts of this ill-gotten cash on bribery, especially targeting willing USA Presidents.

UBS is currently  attempting  to charge fees by unilaterally shifting the less  dormant accounts around.  Aware known owners  of these dormant accounts are adamant that their UBS entrusted accounts not be tampered with else exposure to countries of origin et al may occur.  UBS also continues to put up  well worn  Swiss procedural impediments to many  profiled vulnerable families of deceased clients from ever receiving their active or dormant account inheritances.  The  herein, to be divulged corroborating documentation and reliable sources clearly substantiate the above statements beyond any reasonable doubt.

UBS has been  successfully overtly  meddling with the internal affairs or national interests of USA to their benefit,  at least during the Clinton/Bush II/Obama Presidencies.  Recently, UBS has actively collaborated in the known  attempts to destabilize President Donald Trump and his Administration.    The Clinton/Bush/Obama USA Presidential cycles have given us access to alarming voluminous corroborating documentation,   substantiated by reliable sources and past UBS  revelations.  President Trump’s team continues  to “drain the swamp” of Obama disruptive holdovers who, among other things,  facilitated the now apparent Obama/UBS deferred payment schemes.  One may ask how Washington had become an internationally acknowledged  kleptocracy  in such a short interval  of time to warrant a Donald Trump  popularity?   Clinton/Bush II/Obama/UBS  overt corruption will partly explain the rise of a Donald Trump  as a person  said to be willing to sacrifice his entire fortune for the love of his Country.  Trump has acted without fear of  threatened reprisals from  detractors.   At this juncture, one must  go back to the USA Founding Fathers to see this altruistic behavior at the USA pinnacle.   If  Trump had lost the USA Presidential election it is highly likely his entire estate would have come under attack by his powerful Washington  kleptocratic critics.  In a closed letter to his collaborators George Soros said: “Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president. Although Trump has toned down his rhetoric since he was elected, he has changed neither his behavior nor his advisers. His cabinet comprises incompetent extremists and retired generals.”  USA Presidents Clinton/Bush/Obama repugnant behavior over the past few decades is the prime reason Donald Trump was willing to sacrifice his fortune  to “drain the swamp”.  Trump has been a high profile individual hardened  by controversy most of his life.  USA citizens realize President Trump is no saint and has  an overt persona that is prone to verbal gaffes, like many  elected officeholders.   USA citizenry  believe in Trump, voted for Trump and have high  expectations  from  President Trump political appointees.   Continuing to oppose President Trump is the Clinton/Bush II/Obama imbedded bureaucratic holdovers assisted by the “deep state”  entrenched, liberal bureaucracy bent on damaging the Trump  agenda through leaks and resistance.  There will be no better place for  President Trump’s Department of Justice to start than with UBS.    Our voluminous corroborating documentation proves beyond any reasonable doubt UBS and their  collaborators continue their questionable schemes to the detriment of USA national interest.  Oh yes, we include the UBS  pattern of  similar schemes in other countries exposures that will assist foreign regulators in potential UBS prosecutions.

Although President Trump has been advised to curtail using the effective catchy “drain the swamp” phrase, it should be still  implemented against Clinton/Bush/Obama facilitators like UBS.  UBS has been by far the most egregious violator.  In one  instance, Bill Clinton was given more than $1,000,000 to meet secretly in New York with UBS Chairman  Robert J McCann.  These covert act examples can only be to the detriment of USA citizenery and competing domestic banks.   We will see a youthful  Obama introduced to UBS Chairman Robert Wolf at a small private gathering in George Soros’s New York apartment. We see  prior UBS Chairman Wolf now  overtly acting as an alleged Obama bagman under the guise of Wolf’s  college football shirt numbered company “32 Advisors”.  One could say a Wolf in bagman’s clothing!  The long standing  relationship between George Soros and UBS  has been  a little known symbiosis.

British Cabinet Minister Vince Cable said: “sunny places for shady people, tax havens are much maligned. It’s thought the total sum hidden away in low-tax, low-regulation jurisdictions around the world could be $21tn [trillion] (£13.5tn) – as much as the total annual economic output of the United States and Japan combined.”   We are initially focusing upon UBS within the USA because:

Firstly, UBS AG (Switzerland) sucks  39 per cent of it’s World revenue from the USA.  A considerable amount of  this revenue is from USA  elderly client victims.

Secondly, UBS irregularities have been so deviously blatant and pervasive that voluminous amounts of corroborating documentation are available.

Thirdly, USA politicians are more inclined to tell of violations of law committed by  their opponents during USA election cycles.  The extreme combativeness during  recent USA Presidential elections has allowed transparency  to otherwise opaque UBS “misstep” criminal connivances. The  UBS/Clinton Family  continuing collaboration scandal was finally made transparent  because of the 2016 election.

Fourthly,  we see UBS successfully target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot USA elderly victims during Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes.  This  has caused UBS victims  and/or their family inheritors trauma leading to near destitution. This has been  successfully implemented by UBS and their collaborators while Clinton/Bush/Obama political appointee facilitators  are on record saying they will take no action against UBS known perpetrators.

Fifthly, UBS Bank USA was specifically created in 2000  by sole owner  UBS AG of Zurich, Switzerland  to become a member of the controversial USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank cartel, following Lehman Brothers.   Let us not forget UBS Chairman Robert McCann and Lehman Chairman Richard Fuld are members of a within mentioned vested secret long standing Wall Street Group.

Sixthly, from it’s 2000 outset, Federally unregulated UBS Bank USA is documented  as  illegally doing business out of UBS Wealth Management Americas UBS Financial Services offices throughout the USA.  UBS is continually on record  erroneously  saying UBS Bank USA  is both USA Federally regulated and USA state licensed.   2009 Utah Salt Lake Tribune said:  “Obama is calling for the elimination of industrial bank charters and wants them all shut down within five years.”   A retired Obama is presently accepting  deferred payments from UBS  for having  taken no action on this and other documented UBS criminal perpetrations, especially  against USA elderly UBS client victims.  Obama USA Presidential predecessors Clinton/Bush II did the same!   We have documented  similar UBS criminal incidents throughout World.  Presidents Bush II and Obama regimes still will not divulge the extent  to which  UBS AG and Lehmans,  as USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank cartel  members,  were responsible for  the World 2008 banking crash.  It ended only with the dissolution of Lehmans and a billions USA$  bailout of UBS Bank USA sole owner foreign parent bank UBS AG Switzerland.

Is it any wonder USA middle class citizens are demoralized?  Is it any wonder Zurich is the richest city in the World?  Various World  leaders are on record with there displeasure of recent USA Presidential deferred payments, backsheesh, bribes, gifts, fees et al.  In essence, why are  these USA leaders not in prison like Mubarak of Egypt or Lula of Brazil and  so many other World leaders  who have comsmitted far less crimes than Clinton/Bush II/Obama.  Is it any wonder why we have consultations with so many sophisticated World readership.  After certain divulgences, an astute sovereign wealth fund recently  sold substantial part of it’s UBS shares for a reason.


President George Bush I with good friend and confidant Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan


“If the reputation builds that the Saudis take care of their friends when they leave office, you’d be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office.” — Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan as friend and benefactor to President George Bush I.   Ambassador to USA from 1983 – 2006, longest  tenure for an Ambassador in Washington.


Are USA prior Presidents enticing  President Trump to join them in sharing the UBS deferred payments scheme continuation because  there is safety in prolonging Presidential numbers?


From information and belief; UBS AG allegedly through the likes of  convivial UBS AG Chairman Axel Weber, un-convicted insider trader UBS General Counsel David Aufhauser, Obama alleged bagman UBS Chairman Robert Wolf as well as  other UBS luminaries  are allegedly covertly attempting to facilitate  the  Trump family through there  troublesome real estate  debts.   Although UBS AG strongly supported Hillary Clinton,  UBS AG has recently been definitively exposed  by Mother Jones publication (see issue 3,  VC-71 for ledgered known accounts) for allegedly attempting to  implement  Trump family sweatheart real estate loan scheme.  Conversely, UBS and their collaborators are willing to diminish the Trump family real estate investments if President Trump  does not sign up for the legendary “UBS perfection experience” as  Clinton/Bush I/Obama.

The UBS alleged Trump company bribery attempt is said to be unlike the deferred payment schemes given  to  Clinton/Bush II/Obama.   It is rumored to be  difficult for UBS and their collaborators because of the integrity of those now around President Trump.  President Trump was chiefly elected on his “drain the swamp” platform. It is alleged ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller and/or  others will be investigating UBS AG deferred payment schemes  with Clintons/Bush II/Obama.  Hopefully, President Trump will conform to the integrity of those now around him wanting truly to fix Washington.   Our international readership is watching to see if President Trump’s commitments are truthful, as is his middle America presently constituency believe. We will continue to expose UBS AG while watching how Trump troops respond to our and other UBS AG revelations. How can Washington ask other countries to fight corruptions while Washington is blatantly and  hypocritically committing them?


As a one topic secondary news source, we are providing issue scrolls containing  relevant UBS reliable source documents  sprinkled with UBS insider jokes,  snippets and revelations.   Some of the pictures/cartoons  are portrayed as jokes.  The odorous  “fake news” has been avoided with  true and correct UBS related international articles  substantiating each other beyond any reasonable doubt.  This is accomplished with responsible investigative reporting as well as  our valuable international reliable sources.  In particular, we will initially dwell upon and otherwise emphasize how UBS has insinuated itself within the infrastructure of highest Washington offices to directly compromise politicians, judiciary and USA Federal Government agency personnel.  This has resulted in diminishing USA Federal and State government  effectiveness in protecting USA citizens from predator UBS, especially the USA elderly.  We commend for their previous visionary work on the continuing President Obama deferred payment payback collaborations with UBS.  Please reference the USA oriented  when reading  Similar questions are being truthfully addressed the same way within, albeit with World coverage.  Some UBS known worldly opaque policies will be revealed. We hope  affected nations  become aware through exposure to UBS connivances.  They then can construct a template to defend against the likes UBS and those who aid and abet  their World financial  deviances. UBS should be considered a documented danger to the vital interests of USA, as well as each and every country allowing UBS financial access to their citizenry, businesses, politicians and government agencies. We routinely update and edit content with recent UBS incidences affecting herein noted nations and their citizenry.

We recently have been successfully assisting UBS victims in Puerto Rico suffering UBS criminal incursions exposed  by international media.  Among other presently known UBS hotspots are Belgium, France, Germany, Philippines and USA.  We are willing to consult with readership regarding more in-depth coverage.   Our corroborating documentation would enable countries to increase their financial security and/or assist domiciled business/ citizens in  defending  themselves from known predatory practices of foreign entities as UBS.

Within USA the area of recent focus has been  Palm Beach, Florida for there have been numerous  UBS elderly  client victims domiciled in the area.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Herb Mallard has been of immeasurable  assistance availing his known corroborating booked documents collected over a decade of research.  Before retirement Herb represented the interests of Middle East entities.  Herb has been called upon to assist sovereign wealth funds,  international businesses et al regarding due diligence, especially on international banking  matters.   Among other neighbors, Herb Mallard is domiciled on the ocean in Palm Beach, Florida with David Koch a few streets North and Donald Trump’s Mar a Largo  several streets South.  Herb has known  David socially since university days in Boston/Cambridge and Donald in New York and Palm Beach.  Herb  continues to attend  sporadic gatherings at their respective domiciles.  USA conservative media hosts Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter also live within walking distance.  None  would like their UBS profiled families subjected to UBS and their collaborators’  predatory  incursions of solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot.  Herb recently gave nearby neighbor Bill Koch a quiet  heads-up on a devious  hostile takeover effort of his West Palm Beach Oxbow Corporation.  Bill swiftly and effectively quashed the attempt but outside principals said to be behind the operation,  remain at large.  From information and belief, it was an attempt at diminishing credibility of Bill’s respected brothers David and Charlie Koch.   Some of the same Oxbow perpetrators are repeatedly referenced as UBS collaborators herein and within

Herb and his wife  frequently  entertain  international friends.   Now that Donald Trump is  Presidential  things have been rather hectic.   Invariably, our UBS coverage comes up in peripheral discussions.  We can only see Herb’s international  influence  growing as it had during his several years in Washington and other World  environs.  Let us not forget Herb’s last educational stint was private international law at the World Court Academie with other students from approximately 90 other countries.  Herb has become  weary of increasing World queries for assistance  regarding UBS AG Swiss bank  from various entities; be they attorneys, corporations  or just sophisticated individuals.

UBS must this time loose it’s Charter to do business within the USA since the UBS/Clinton/Bush II/Obama deferred payment corruptive schemes  are gradually  going to be allegedly shut down by President Trump and his effective  team.  We are now seeing President Trumps team exposing UBS known collaborators. UBS AG Group Executive Board  schemers supported Hillary Clinton using UBS shareholder money to do so.  They lost.  The Board  should be admonished  clearing the  rot at the UBS top.  Will UBS shareholders allow UBS  deferred payments to the Clinton/Bush II/Obama recipients to continue, for them now doing nothing?  Will countries ever again consider UBS a credible bank after reading our newsletters?  Let us now read our substantiated evidentiary statements interspersed with  humor.  Oh yes, we are constantly updating and/or editing  weekly all of our newsletter from our introduction to content in our last issue.  Do not assume content is always same.  It is not.

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