Hong Kong Asian disrespectful shoddy dangerous UBS signs.


Zurich  impressive respectful sturdy UBS signs.



A country that does not defend it’s elderly from from financial predators is bereft of  morality and in decay.  Among other things, USA Presidential Team UBS — Clinton/Bush II/Obama and their collaborators continue to accept deferred payments from UBS AG Switzerland for having allowed UBS unbridled access to the USA elderly for the sketchy  “UBS perfection experience”.  This includes Puerto Rico (see VF4-1 >).  UBS continuing sales force mantra of target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot for the ‘UBS perfcction experience is  successfully enacted against USA citizens causing severe pain and anguish  to many USA citizens, especially the elderly.  As readership will see, these same insidious UBS AG schemes have been implemented throughout the World with various UBS AG modifications. This is the essence of our continuing inclusive  research.  It is hard to comprehend how UBS AG Group Executive Board have manipulated their World stakeholders & clients by accepting  the enclosed  squandered UBS AG  expenditures of our investment assets.  Our extensive international reliable source network  continually revise and expand the newsletter.  At this very time we are watching a stalwart President Trump refusing to capitulate to the USA Presidential Team UBS deferred payment schemes.  All-the-whilst a committed Trump continues to drain the Washington swamp of UBS  power sources.  Let the herein truth prevail over Washington evils of corruption, waste and physical harm  by telling  others. Enjoy.



UBS AG (SWISS) bad boy reputation has taken an international toll.


UBS AG is scheduled to have it’s stakeholders annual general meeting May 3, 2018 at the Messe Basil, Basil Switzerland.  The enclosed and future  enclosures are vital knowledge for the UBS AG owners. It is needed   to  make sound  judgements predicated upon true and correct information from  UBS AG Group Executive Board proper accountability.



UBS Group AG is a Swiss holding company that should be only known by it’s three lettered  financial symbol UBS.   UBS cannot legally be known by the words Union Bank of Switzerland, although it is  misrepresented as such.   New York Times reports: “UBS “is an amalgam of the former Union Bank of Switzerland; the Swiss Bank Corporation, (itself a combination of the Swiss bank and investment bank Warburg Dillon Read); the American investment bank PaineWebber; and a large team from the former Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, all acquired since 1998.  Critics as well as some members of the bank’s current management say the firm never merged these disparate assets into one consistent culture, and that the headlong pursuit of growth at any cost trumped ethical and legal behavior, especially in the investment bank. UBS didn’t respond to requests for comment.” Intro 1  As we will see herein, this UBS dubious  business model has been  successfully implemented throughout the World by UBS.  Among other things, one can readily see UBS  penchant for plastering graffiti like logos on sides and roofs of buildings they do not own.

UBS provides a range of financial services, including advisory services, underwriting, financing, market-making, asset management and brokerage on a global level as well as retail banking in Switzerland.  UBS AG  also  solely owns USA Federally unregulated  Utah Industrial Bank  cartel member, UBS Bank USA. UBS Zurich headquarters has five business divisions: Wealth Management, Personal & Corporate Banking, Asset Management Investment Bank and Wealth Management Americas. Wealth Management Americas Chairman is presently Robert J McCann.  CNBC, whilst scrutinizing  the UBS Puerto Rico elderly UBS bond fund swindles,  reported: “Throughout 2012, discussions over some of the [UBS Puerto Rican] funds’ more troubling features rose all the way to top executives at UBS Americas … Robert McCann, the CEO of UBS Americas … was not only fully aware of the issue but knew the consequences if the firm [UBS] didn’t dial back leverage. … Moody’s Investors Service cut the rating of the island’s [Puerto Rican] bonds to just above junk status … One email showed that the results of a stress analysis on how the downgrade would impact the firm’s [UBS] balance sheet were delivered directly to McCann.” Intro 2  Recently, UBS AG (Swiss) solely owned Utah UBS Bank USA  has been allegedly directly involved in the swindling of UBS elderly Puerto Rican Clients.  Presently, UBS has markedly insinuated it’s South Florida offices into HNW (high net worth) elderly communities.  UBS has also enlarged it’s sales force and collection of  herein mentioned dubious collaborators.  A reliable UBS source has says this is in preparation  for another UBS elderly Client asset attack using it’s alleged mantra of target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot to obtain the  ‘UBS perfection experience”.  If UBS personnel  get caught they are “former” and on their own.  If UBS personnel do not get caught they are rewarded.  We have definitive corroborating examples of both.

In 1995, Swiss  UBS  AG  and Credit Suisse allowed  themselves to be sued in a heavily Jewish Brooklyn, NY  venue by the  astute World Jewish Congress with headquarters on Madison Avenue, NYC.    In 1998 the banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion (CHF1.16 billion) to victims of the Holocaust or their heirs in three class categories.  After the settlement a deceased Swiss reliable political source once vouched that both United States and Israeli intelligence were exclusively privy to UBS et al post WWII Swiss banking World secret client accounts, dormant or otherwise.  We commend the two nations for this restricted Swiss intelligence vital interest capability of “following the money”.  Conversely, national security  interests of other nation states have been compromised by this policy, however slight.

Furthermore, the same Swiss political source said  UBS  misleadingly calls itself by Union Bank of Switzerland.  In fact, UBS AG still has a massive amount of opaque dormant pre WWII  accounts that  are allegedly occasionally pilfered when needed.  This is said to be the main premise for UBS AG opaqueness, as well as herein mentioned other matters.  UBS AG senior officials are recorded  herein  unilaterally taking from active USA elderly UBS Client accounts, somehow.  There is little reason for remorse since UBS AG  victims are considered  just names in far off countries distant from amoral UBS AG Group Executive Board within plush Zurich offices.  This capability can be seen in the UBS  AG Group Executive Board bluster, excessive bonuses  and willingness to expend inordinate  amounts of this ill-gotten cash on sophisticated forms of bribery, especially when targeting pliable USA Presidents.   Is it any wonder Zurich is the wealthiest City in the World!   This brazen behavior can only hurt UBS AG Shareholders and Clients.

UBS paymaster Chairman Robert McCann amongst two  “USA Presidential Team UBS” deferred payment recipients.




UBS AG (Switzerland) is currently  attempting  to charge fees by unilaterally shifting less  dormant Client accounts around.  Aware known owners  of these less dormant accounts are adamant that their UBS AG entrusted accounts not be tampered with else unwanted exposure to taxable countries of origin  may occur.  UBS also continues to initiate  well worn  Swiss procedural impediments against  many  profiled vulnerable families of deceased UBS Clients from ever receiving their active or dormant account inheritances.       The  herein will  divulge corroborating documentation and reliable sources substantiating beyond any reasonable doubt the above statements.

Through the use of the  “USA Presidential Team UBS” triplets,  UBS has been  successfully overtly  allowed to meddle within USA  internal affairs or vital  interests  to the benefit of UBS AG during the Clinton/Bush II/Obama Presidencies.  This has not gone unseen by Presidents Putin, Trump, Xi and other astute heads of state.

Recently, UBS has actively collaborated in the known  attempts to destabilize President Donald Trump and his Administration.   The Clinton/Bush II/Obama USA Presidential cycles have given us access to alarming voluminous corroborating documentation,   substantiated by reliable sources and past UBS  revelations.  President Trump’s team continues  to “drain the swamp” of Obama disruptive holdovers who, among other things,  facilitated the now apparent Obama/UBS deferred payment schemes.  One may ask how Washington had become an internationally acknowledged swamp  kleptocracy  in such a short interval  of time to warrant a Donald Trump  popularity.   Clinton/Bush II/Obama/UBS  overt corruption will partly explain the rise of a Donald Trump  as a person  said to be willing to sacrifice his entire fortune for the love of his Country.  Trump has acted without fear of  threatened reprisals from  detractors.   At this juncture, some say one must  go back to the USA Founding Fathers to see this altruistic behavior at the USA pinnacle.   If  Trump had lost the USA Presidential election it is highly likely his entire estate would have come under attack by his powerful Washington  kleptocratic critics.  Trump has since “made the trains run on time”.  USA Presidents Clinton/Bush II /Obama repugnant behavior over the past few decades is the prime reason Donald Trump was willing to sacrifice his fortune  to “drain the swamp”.  Trump has been a high profile individual hardened  by controversy most of his life.  USA citizens realize President Trump is no saint and has  an overt persona that is prone to varying degrees of verbal gaffes, like many Washington officeholders.   A substantial number of USA citizenry  believe in Trump, voted for Trump and have high  expectations  from  President Trump political appointees.   Continuing to oppose President Trump is the Clinton/Bush II/Obama imbedded bureaucratic holdovers assisted by the alleged “deep and administrative states”.  This   entrenched  bureaucracy is said to be bent on damaging the Trump  agenda through subversions,  such as  undermining his family hospitality business.  UBS has been the foremost President Trump antagonist by  providing forms of cash, continuing offshore accounts and  other benefits to his detractors.  President Trump still will not join the “USA Presidential Team UBS”  or it’s deferred payment scam.  Among other things but not necessarily all, UBS is  currently developing schemes to entrap the Trump family and it’s delicate real estate interests into complicated business schemes.

In a closed letter to UBS and his other collaborators George Soros said: “Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president.  Although Trump has toned down his rhetoric since he was elected, he has changed neither his persona nor his advisers. His cabinet comprises incompetent extremists and retired generals.”

There should  be no excuse  for  President Trump’s Department of Justice not to immediately start  investigating UBS continuing USA Client victim swindles,  especially after the  complicit  UBS Chairman Robert J McCann recent direct involvement  in UBS Puerto Rico Client victim swindles.   UBS and their  collaborators are continuing their questionable schemes unabated, much to  the detriment of USA known national interests.  Oh yes, we include the UBS  pattern of  similar schemes in many other country documented exposures that should assist foreign regulators in potential UBS prosecutions.

Although President Trump has been advised to curtail using the effective catchy “drain the swamp” phrase, it should be still  implemented against Clinton/Bush II/Obama noted  UBS Washington facilitators.  UBS has been by far the most egregiously  known violator.  In one instance, Bill Clinton was given more than $1,000,000 to meet secretly in New York with UBS Chairman  Robert J McCann.  These covert act examples can only be to the detriment of USA citizenry and competing domestic banks. We will see a youthful Obama introduced to UBS Chairman Robert Wolf at a small private gathering in George Soros’s New York apartment. We see  prior UBS Chairman Wolf now  overtly acting as an alleged Obama bagman under the guise of Wolf’s  college football shirt numbered company  “32 Advisors”.  One could say a Wolf in bagman’s clothing!  The long standing  relationship between George Soros and UBS  has been  a little known symbiosis.

British Cabinet Minister Vince Cable said: “sunny places for shady people, tax havens are much maligned. It’s thought the total sum hidden away in low-tax, low-regulation jurisdictions around the world could be $21tn [trillion] (£13.5tn) – as much as the total annual economic output of the United States and Japan combined.”   We are initially focusing upon UBS within the USA because:

Firstly, UBS AG (Switzerland) questionably sucks  39 per cent of it’s World revenue from the USA.  A considerable amount of  this revenue is from USA  elderly client victims.

Secondly, UBS irregularities have been so deviously blatant and pervasive that voluminous amounts of corroborating documentation are available.

Thirdly, USA politicians are more inclined to tell of violations of law committed by  their opponents during USA election cycles.  The extreme combativeness during  recent USA Presidential elections has allowed transparency  to otherwise opaque UBS “misstep” criminal connivances. The  UBS/Clinton Family  continuing collaboration scandal was finally made transparent  after the 2018 Trump inauguration.

Fourthly,  we see UBS successfully implement their “perfection experience” of target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot USA elderly victims during Clinton/Bush II/Obama regimes.  This  has caused UBS victims  and/or their family inheritors untold trauma, leading to near destitution. This has been  successfully implemented by UBS and their collaborators whilst Clinton/Bush II/Obama political appointee facilitators  are on record saying they will take no action against UBS known perpetrators.

Fifthly, UBS Bank USA was specifically created in 2000  by sole owner  UBS AG of Zurich, Switzerland  in order to become a member of the controversial USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank cartel, following Lehman Brothers example.   Let us not forget UBS Chairman Robert McCann and prior Lehman Chairman Richard Fuld are members of a within mentioned vested  long standing secret Wall Street Club.  We have the startling list.  We now  recently see Chase and Goldman Sachs have joined UBS as members of the Federally unregulated Utah  bank cartel groupings, for a reason.  The Telegraph reported from Davos: “China’s financial regulator has vowed to rescue the Chinese banking system immediately to avert a banking crisis when the bubble bursts, issuing a blanket guarantee that no major institution will be allowed to fail. Beijing says it has studied the errors that led to the Lehman crisis in the 2008 and will not allow a chain reaction to occur”! Intro 3  Perhaps the 2008 World financial crash  USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank blueprint is already being set up with bets  on a 2018>  crash!  We doubt  Chinese economists would be aware of the startling known  opaque  maneuvers going on around the edges  of USA economy.  China and other countries do not.

Sixthly, from it’s 200 outset, Federally unregulated Utah UBS Bank USA is documented  as  illegally doing business out of UBS Wealth Management Americas UBS Financial Services offices throughout the USA.   UBS is  on record  erroneously  saying UBS Bank USA  has been both USA Federally regulated and USA state licensed since 2000 [3].  It has been neither.   UBS has been caught adulterating USA Federal documents.  2009 Utah Salt Lake Tribune said:  “Obama is calling for the elimination of industrial bank charters and wants them all shut down within five years.” Intro 4  The five years lapsed in 2014 without Obama taking any action.   A retired Obama is presently accepting  deferred payments from UBS  for having  taken no action on this and other documented UBS criminal perpetrations, especially  against USA elderly UBS client victims.  Obama USA Presidential predecessors Clinton/Bush II did the same.   We have documented  similar UBS criminal incidents throughout World.  Presidents Clinton/Bush II/Obama regimes still will not divulge the extent  to which  USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank cartel  members UBS AG and Lehmans were partly responsible for  initiating the World 2008 banking crash.  Just before the 2008 crash UBS knowingly sold Lehmans secretly downgraded/worthless  stock  to unsuspecting UBS Client victims.   President Obama’s office  then further supplemented UBS  with a USA$ billions bailout.   Under Obama,  UBS has successfully used a similar herein noted documented scheme targeting  unsuspecting UBS Puerto Rican elderly Clients with secretly inflated  bonds   UBS is directly responsible for looting almost the entire UBS elderly Client investment class of Puerto Rico (see issue 6, VF4-1 > ).

Is it any wonder USA middle class citizens were demoralized under Clinton/Bush II/Obama Presidencies.  Is it any wonder UBS headquarters of  Zurich is the richest city in the World.  Various World  leaders are on record with there displeasure of recent USA Presidential deferred payments, backsheesh, bribes, gifts, fees, ad nausea.  In essence, why are  USA leaders   like Mubarak of Egypt,  Lula of Brazil and  so many other World leaders  who have committed far less crimes than Clintons/Bush II/Obama prosecuted with prison time?  Is it any wonder why we personally have cost effective consultations with so many sophisticated World readership.  After our certain divulgences the astute newly appointed officers of the  largest UBS shareholder (Singapore GIC Sovereign Wealth Fund)  recently  sold almost 1/2  of it’s UBS shares, for a reason.  A reliable Swiss source said UBS had to artificially pump up it’s stock.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant.


Saudi Arabian Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan whose actual office and English secretary was discreetly across the street from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the Washington Watergate Towers.  For known and unknown reasons, Ambassador Bandar rarely if ever went to the Saudi Embassy.


“If the reputation builds that the Saudis take care of their friends when they leave office, you’d be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office.” — Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan   was   Ambassador to USA from 1983 – 2006, the longest  tenure for an Ambassador in Washington.  Bandar’s above manifesto has been the cornerstone of the Washington swamp. ________________________________________

UBS  Bank Americas Chairman McCann

UBS AG (Swiss) Chief Executive Officer Ermotti

UBS deferred payment paymasters  for  succored  “USA Presidential Team UBS”.


Are “USA Presidential Team UBS”  members enticing  Trump to join them in sharing the UBS deferred payments scheme continuation? There is said to be safety in extending Presidential numbers but  President Trump knows UBS is internationally radioactive.

A leery President Trump

In actuality, Obama/Bush II/Clinton are afraid President Trump will expose their unified acceptance of  USA Presidential Team UBS deferred payments in exchange  for  allowing UBS to swindle their USA  elderly Clients et al.  A reliable source has said there is a formidable  groundswell  effort to impeach President Trump after the USA 2018 election cycle.  President Trump may not have a  choice other than take true and correct action for the sake of not only USA citizens but the World.



Among other USA Federal and State  “questionable actions” but not necessarily all,  UBS senior  officers are responsible  for the  following alleged recently  attested USA “missteps”:

UBS Chairman  and Chief Executive Officer of Global Wealth Management & Business Banking at UBS AG (Switzerland) Raoul Weil was allowed to escape from USA Federal Justice by means of a light bail with personal recognizance given by Judge Cohn.   Weil thus  became a UBS criminal fugitive sheltered in Switzerland for years.  USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s political team astutely  decided prior UBS Chairman Weil’s criminal capacity may destabilize her Presidential ambitions.  A reliable source has  said  a convoluted scheme  was implemented   to free Weil with the same Florida political Judge Cohn  that let Weil initially free on personal recognizance in the first place.

Prior UBS Chairman Raoul Weil & member of the secretive UBS AG Group Executive Board


The prior UBS Chairman Weil’s increasing international embarrassment  is said to have caused attention to the UBS/ Clinton/Bush II/Obama deferred payment manipulations.  A reliable Swiss UBS source  said the local joke was that Weil was considered too high profile  to have a UBS  accident, like so many others.   From information and belief,  the concocted scheme  allowed Weil his demanded freedom of international movement.  We followed in  media the Weil contrivance  from the Bologna hotel proper passport divulgence to a return to the Judge Cohn USA Ft Lauderdale Federal Courtroom.  We were present within  the same Judge Cohn USA Federal courtroom whilst Obama’s Justice Department prosecutors were literally putting the Jury,  the Judge and approximately 24 audience to sleep with unnecessarily purposefully complicated banking technical questions.  It was so bad Raoul Weil’s defense group did not have to present any defense to win with little Jury deliberation.  Interviewed foreign media at the Weil second Cohn Florida trial attributed it to Washington corruption but said they had to dilute criticism.


David Aufhauser’s continual smerk.


UBS General Counsel David Aufhauser’s office  in 2008 allegedly  had the  Laurel, New Jersey UBS Mortgage Office successfully shred or otherwise destroy  UBS Client Federally secured mortgage documents.  This is similar to UBS earlier successfully criminally  burning  Swiss Government secured Holocaust documents. 


UBS General Council office collaborated on UBS elderly Client swindles.


UBS General Counsel Aufhauser’s office  initiated  documented USA Federally illegal unilateral UBS Client asset shifting and  offshore  account wire transfers  without mandatory USA Federal and UBS Client knowledge or consent.



UBS General Council David Aufhauser was finally  criminally admonished  with a fine by New York Governor Cuomo’s office for committing insider trading.   Amtrak Acela train from New York to Washington, David Aufhauser opened an e-mail from the chief risk officer Shulman)  UBS red flagging problems in the market for auction-rate securities (see issue 5, VE1-15).  Obama’s office took no action for interstate crimes. This allowed Aufhauser to leave UBS and become a partner of Washington’s lawyer lobbyist Williams & Connolly.


UBS Chairman Robert Wolf is allegedly now Obama lobbyist/bagman under 32 Advisors” moniker.


USA Senate Finance Chairman


USA Senator Chairman Phil Gramm of USA Senate Finance Committee  initiated the  repeal Sarbanes-Oxley Act.   Among others, this Gramm  move was instrumental in allegedly  initiating  the 2008 World financial crash.  Phil  then used the Washington revolving door  to quickly abandon his USA Federal Senate duties to  become UBS  vice-Chairman Phil Gramm, for something.



UBS AG (Switzerland) became a member of  the  USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank cartel.  Cartels are illegal in the USA. This was achieved with the assistance of Clinton/Bush II Washington collaborators.  UBS AG  thus solely owns a USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank named UBS Bank USA as well as it’s aliases UBS Bank, Bank UBS et al.   UBS Bank USA and it’s aliases  were licensed only in Utah State   but committed USA Federal crimes by illegally doing business  in other USA States for years.  Among other things but not necessarily all,   UBS Bank USA and it’s aliases have  been illegally interstate swindling UBS Clients using  UBS alleged mantra of target, solicit, recruit. isolate, control, dupe and loot. If a UBS salesperson is caught they are immediately former UBS.  If not caught they are rewarded by UBS.

Eunice Bailey Oaks Gardiner


But one example, UBS and it’s collaborators swindled the Robert L and Eunice Bailey Oaks Gardiner (Gardiner’s Island, New York) approximately $147,000,000 estate (see issue 4, VD-1>).  Eunices Palm Beach, Florida UBS bond broker and his family moved into Eunice’s domicile near President Trump’s Mar a Largo before her questionable death.  Before her disappearance from Palm Beach, Florida friends,  Eunice’s name was changed on legal documents to mimic or duplicate another recently nearby deceased Eunice Gardiner.   Eunice’s questionable death could have been an undocumented  murder with no autopsy  allowed.  Eunices friends thought she went on a common extended vacation.   No one came to Eunice’s  funeral home services  but for an overseeing  UBS  salesman who is documented as having  then shipped the body to New York.  The alleged body disappeared for approximately six months,  whereupon it  allegedly reappeared for an Easthampton, New York  burial.  Was it really Eunice?  If so, was her body hidden to allow  flushing  out of evidence?  UBS and a UBS Palm Beach, Florida collaborator known for devious similar trust/wills conduct (see Gannett publishing heir in became  Eunice Gardiner trustees. Eunices  bond salesman was given her domicile,  as well as known and  unknown personal possessions.  There are other UBS  elderly USA Clients documented as having received  similar UBS treatment.  UBS schemes successfully target  USA Federal and State Governments as well as UBS Clients.    Clinton/Bush II/Obama/UBS and  collaborators “misdeeds” have never been properly scrutinized by any USA State or Federal office.

Presently,  USA  un-convicted UBS luminaries  are  documented as covertly attempting to “facilitate”  the  Trump family through their  troublesome real estate  debts.   Although UBS AG strongly supported Hillary Clinton,  UBS AG has recently been definitively exposed  by a Mother Jones publication  for ledgered known accounts  exposing alleged attempts to  implement  Trump family sweat heart real estate loan schemes.   Related reliable sources have said  UBS and/or its collaborators are attempting  to ensnare the Trump family.   UBS has successfully used this scheme  with President Trumps  three susceptible predecessors Clinton/Bush II/Obama.   Conversely, UBS and/or  their collaborators are allegedly willing to diminish the Trump family real estate investments if President Trump  does not sign up, as  malleable Clinton/Bush I/Obama, for the legendary “UBS perfection experience”.

The UBS alleged Trump company bribery attempt is said to be a variation of  the deferred payment schemes given  to  Clinton/Bush II/Obama.   It is rumored to be  difficult for UBS and their collaborators because of the “drain the swamp”  believers now surrounding President Trump.  It is alleged ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller and/or  others will be investigating UBS AG deferred payment schemes  with Clintons/Bush II/Obama.  Hopefully, President Trump will conform to the integrity of most  now around him wanting truly to fix Washington.   Unfortunately, we see Trump entrapment forebodings ahead.  The foreboding signals are apparent.   Our international readership is watching to see if President Trump’s can withstand the internationally embarrasing greed of others to make windfall profits off of another 2008 World financial crash.


UBS San Juan, Puerto Rico office with facade flags and UBS logo to lull elderly UBS Client victims


As noted above, we recently have been  exposing  UBS successful swindle  of the  Puerto Rican  UBS elderly  client investment class.  CNBC reports: “Robert McCann, the CEO of UBS Americas … was not only fully aware of the issue but knew the consequences if the firm [UBS] didn’t dial back leverage. … Moody’s Investors Service cut the rating of the island’s [Puerto Rican] bonds to just above junk status …  One email showed that the results of a stress analysis on how the downgrade would impact the firm’s [UBS] balance sheet were delivered directly to McCann.”   (see issue 6, VF 4-1 >).  We have recently been asked for information for Harvard and other USA college newspapers regarding  UBS and vulture fund Puerto Rico bond manipulation scandals.  This massive top down UBS Puerto Rico swindle could not have been successful but for the aiding and abetting of President Obama’s office.  UBS constantly seeks to influence World leaders  for the UBS  “perfection experience”.



A reliable Swiss source has commented  UBS is said to have  plotted a brief  encounter with President Donald Trump at Davos, similar to that of  President Clinton in 2000.  From information and belief, the most important soft “invitation to deal”  tasks are usually  part of UBS Chairman Axel Weber’s job description.  “Armchair Axel” is a known regular UBS guide  at Davos  and similar venues familiar for giving direction to UBS targeted participants whilst espousing   soft  economic overviews to  media by using an armchair prop.  UBS  knows the Davos nooks and crannies for private intimate  conversations since  the UBS AG Zurich headquarters is nearby.    A reliable UBS Swiss source has said Davos is considered by far the most  important yearly gathering for UBS AG Group Executive Board targets by members Axel A. Weber, Sergio Ermotti and a few  others  to mingle and connect.  It sounds all innocent enough but the “UBS perfection experience”  is anything but, just look at how  UBS recently decimated the Puerto Rico investment class.   We were watching UBS AG Group Executive Board nuance responses in  Davos.


As a one topic secondary news source, we are providing issue scrolls containing  relevant UBS reliable source documents  sprinkled with UBS insider jokes,  snippets and revelations.   Some of the pictures/cartoons  are portrayed as jokes.  Many of the depicted men look like they came out of Hollywood central casting for a Quentin Tarantino movie.  Many could be considered  above USA Law & Order real life predatory bad guys converting USA elderly assets entrusted to UBS.

Odorous  “fake news” has been avoided with  true and correct UBS related international articles  substantiating each other beyond any reasonable doubt.  This is accomplished with responsible investigative reporting as well as  our invaluable international reliable sources.  In particular, we will initially dwell upon and otherwise emphasize how UBS has insinuated itself within the infrastructure of highest Washington offices to directly compromise willing politicians, judiciary and USA Federal Government agency “deep state” personnel.  This has resulted in diminishing USA Federal and State government  effectiveness in protecting USA citizens from predator UBS, especially the USA elderly.  We commend for their continuing  visionary work on the  President Obama deferred payment payback collaborations with UBS.  Please reference the USA oriented  and when reading  Similar questions are being truthfully addressed the same way within, albeit with World coverage.  Some UBS known worldly opaque policies will be revealed.  We hope affected nations  become aware through exposure to UBS connivances.  They then can construct a template to defend against the likes UBS and those who aid and abet  their World financial  deviances. UBS should be considered a documented danger to the vital interests of USA, as well as each and every country allowing UBS financial access to their citizenry, businesses, politicians and government agencies. We routinely update and edit content with recent UBS incidences affecting herein noted nations and their citizenry.  It is never the same.

We are willing to consult with readership regarding our more in-depth coverage.   Our corroborating documentation would enable countries to increase their financial security and/or assist domiciled businesses  and  citizens in  defending  themselves from known UBS continuing predatory practices.  More often than not, we are used by Clients to support or reject a position, especially  where UBS is a party.  Our  submissions have never  been refuted by any entity regarding UBS, ever.

Among other reliable sources, Herb Mallard has been of immeasurable  assistance availing his known corroborating booked secured documents collected over  decades of international business and government interactions.  Before retirement,  Herb represented the interests of several Middle East entities, among other entities.  Herb has been called upon to assist sovereign wealth funds,  international businesses and others  regarding due diligence scrutiny, especially on matters relating to international banking intrigue.   Among other luminaries, Herb Mallard is domiciled on the ocean in Palm Beach, Florida with David Koch a few streets North and Donald Trump’s Mar a Largo  several streets South.  Herb has known  David socially since university days in Boston/Cambridge and Donald sparsely in New York and pre Presidential Palm Beach.  Herb  has attended  sporadic gatherings at the respective domiciles when David’s health was better.  USA conservative media hosts Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter also live nearby.  None  would like the usual  UBS high net worth (HNW) wealth profile “perfection experience” scrutiny  UBS and their collaborators’  predatory  incursions of solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot.  Herb recently gave neighbor Bill Koch a few streets South  a quiet  heads-up on a devious takeover effort of his West Palm Beach Oxbow Corporation.  Bill spends much of his time minding his Colorado interests.  Bill swiftly and effectively quashed the attempt but a few outside principals,  said to be behind the operation,  remain at large.  From information and belief, it was a partial  attempt at diminishing credibility of Bill’s also distinguished brothers David and Charlie Koch.   Some of the same Oxbow perpetrators are repeatedly referenced as UBS collaborators herein and within

Herb   frequently  entertain  international friends and dignitaries in Palm Beach and New York City,  near the United Nations.  In fact, many UN top dignitaries own in the New York  building.  Now that Donald Trump is  Presidential  things have been rather hectic.   Invariably, our UBS coverage comes up in peripheral discussions.  We can only see Herb’s international  influence  growing as it had during his several years in Washington and other World  environs.  Let us not forget Herb’s last educational stint was private international law at the World Court Academie in the Hague, Netherlands.  Lifetime friendships with students  from various  other countries were initially made.  Herb has become  weary of increasing World queries for his well known  impartial assistance  regarding  UBS AG Swiss international banking from various entities; be they government officials, attorneys, corporations  or  sophisticated individuals.  There are now several organizations interested in protecting USA  elderly from the likes of UBS and their collaborators by reading what we have to say.  Herb is nevertheless there  to occasionally assist with his international grasp, corroborating documents  and reliable sources.  Our reliable sources and document count also continue to grow in numbers.

Let us now read our substantiated  statements interspersed with  humor.  Again, we are constantly updating and/or impartially and randomly  editing  all of our newsletter from our introduction to content in our last issue scroll.  Do not assume content is always same.  It is not. It is constantly corroborated  by new excerpts.

Herb may be reached at:

All other pertinent communications should be directed to:,  or our confidential issue.

UBS AG (SWISS) bad boy reputation has taken an international toll, especially upon the eldrrly.









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